IM6A Chapter 15.1: The Alliance's Diplomat

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“Can the farthest wind reach Kandarati.”

“Please show me the object of authentication.”

He held up a grain-sized object that looked like a chalcedony with his five slender and beautiful fingers, his hand in a white glove.

“The object has been verified. Please wait.”

“Mn.” Qin Yi nodded.

Only then did the staff open the glass cover and bring him along. “Your business may take some time to process. If it’s convenient for you, you can wait in our VIP room. What do you think?”

Qin Yi glanced at the clock on the wall. He didn’t have a communicator on him anymore, so he naturally had no way of checking the time.

“Will it be finished within 10 minutes?”

“Of course.”

10 minutes was more than enough.

Qin Yi walked into the VIP room and sat down. He languidly enjoyed the snacks and tea.

Aside from Meili Bank’s mysterious and huge capital, they provided excellent service. And one of the reasons behind them becoming the second-best bank in the Limu Empire was because they would never treat someone based on their financial status.

Oh, there was an even bigger reason. They won’t verify your real identity——

As long as you have the password and the object of authentication, after they verify that it’s accurate, you will be able to get the thing you want.

This made it very convenient for people who, due to various reasons, had either lost or could not afford to expose their identities.

Like him.

The staff returned faster than expected. The male Beta’s cheeks were slightly red, and his brows were furrowed. When he stood in front of Qin Yi, he unexpectedly felt a lump in his throat, as if it was hard for him to speak.

Qin Yi immediately prepared himself mentally. “Which link had an error?”

He had no suspicions about the inheritance being taken away by someone else as there was third-party trust supervision here.

Moreover, this was the Limu Empire. Even if Father Qin was aware of the inheritance, he couldn’t have come to take the money.

After hearing his voice, the male Beta visibly relaxed and said, “The amount you wanted to withdraw is too large. Our sincerest apologies, but I think you’ll need to take your object of authentication and proceed to the head office in Capital Star.”
TL/n: Capital Star of the Limu Empire.

Qin Yi: “...”

Blaming me for having too much money?

In actuality, other than businesses and families, there were very few individual depositors who had amassed such a hefty amount of money.

The male Beta got up to send Qin Yi off while apologizing.

Before leaving, he even carried with him a gift and gave it to Qin Yi respectfully. “We’re extremely sorry that we couldn’t provide any service to you at the moment. We hope that we’ll get a chance to see you next time. This is a little thought from Beiman Star’s branch to you.”

After Qin Yi accepted the gift, he quickly turned to open it. When escaping in the open, it is a must to be more cautious. He tore off the layers of wrapping paper.

Inside was just a brand-new, white-colored communicator.

Qin Yi lowered his head and looked at his empty wrist. It was very obvious that the staff had noticed this detail about him from the moment he entered the door.

Qin Yi carefully inspected the communicator from top to bottom. He fastened it to his wrist only after confirming that there wasn’t any positioning or monitoring system attached to it.

The material of the communicator was special. As soon as he had fastened it, it immediately fit perfectly on his wrist and felt smooth and cool. It didn’t get stuck easily and wasn’t rough on the skin.

After activating it, a large “M” logo appeared on it. It seems to be one of the electronic brands under the big family supporting Meili Bank.

It should be the latest model.

Qin Yi moved his wrist and thought in satisfaction, escaping is escaping, but if he can choose not to suffer, then he doesn't want to suffer even the slightest bit. 

So, here comes the problem now——

He didn’t get the inheritance, and he was also currently penniless. How is he supposed to get to the Capital Star of the Limu Empire?

Randomly find someone to freeload off?

Qin Yi fell silent.


At the same time, the noble crown prince of the Limu Empire also fell silent.

After a full three minutes later, the crown prince lowered his head and asked, “What nonsense are you saying?” His exquisite features were showing indifference.

The minister raised his head, his face full of eagerness and excitement. He repeated, “A report has been delivered from Beiman Star to here. Your Highness, that Omega has indeed reached a matching percentage of 100 with you! Your Highness, this has never happened before in all of history… After the other party mates with you, he’ll definitely give birth to a royal child who will perfectly inherit all your advantages! The Limu Empire will embark on a glorious path!”
TL/n: Imperial heir too, but the actual word used was ‘royal grandson’.

“Just take a look. This was the matching result I brought with me. Take a look, there can’t be a mistake!”

Halls took the paper. Indeed, it was written clearly on the paper that he had matched 100% with an Omega called ‘Zhou Yi.’

“It seems like this is an Omega from the Yanhuang Empire.” Halls said plainly.

The minister nodded his head. “That’s right. But since he is in our territory, he should belong to you.”

Halls squinted, and he tapped his fingertips on another line of information. “...Hm? What is this? He belongs to another Alpha?”

The minister took the paper back again and stared at the information written on it. He tried to recall for a while, mn, when the highest-ranked official of Beiman Star reported to me, he seemed to have said that…

“This was the Alpha that took Mr. Zhou for testing, and their matching percentage was also 100%.”

When the minister finished talking, he suddenly became agitated. “That’s why, Your Highness, we must head to Beiman Star immediately and bring this Omega into the palace. Otherwise, Your Highness, if we’re too late, he’ll become other people’s wife!”

Halls: “...”

Halls: “What you’re saying is that I should go steal the other person’s wife?”

The minister didn’t think there was anything wrong with what he had said.

“Your Highness, other than the Majesty, you are the most honorable person in the Limu Empire! You are the hope and future of all the subjects here! You are the star of the Limu Empire! You deserve to have the most outstanding Omega in this world. Does it really matter even if he was someone else’s wife? Only this kind of Omega can match up to you!” He said enthusiastically.

Halls interrupted him. “Do you seriously believe there’s an Omega out there in the world who can get a matching percentage of 100 with me? And he even managed to have a 100% match with another Alpha at the same time. Even fairy tales won't dare to write that…”

The minister calmed down a little.

That’s right.

It sounds too unbelievable.

“Your Highness, even if it is fake, you should still test it first. If the system made a mistake, that in itself is also a huge problem, isn’t that so?”

“More importantly… if the news could no longer be covered up at a certain point and got out, Your Highness, people from other countries will come to steal this Omega. They will attempt to control you through the Omega. Your Highness, don’t doubt the power of a 100% match…” The minister said, frowning.

“Think about it. The General of the enemy country is in our territory, so what if the Omega falls into his hands? How scary would that be?”

Halls slowly got up and said lightly, “What you said isn’t wrong; I don’t believe in the power of a 100% match. But I’d rather kill by mistake than let someone off.”

When the minister heard this, he couldn’t help but murmur in his heart, why does the latter half of that sentence sound so strange?

The next second, Halls confirmed his thought.

“I will personally head down to Beiman Star. If the report turns out to be true, then I’ll keep the Omega in captivity. Or maybe it’ll be more convenient to directly kill him? This way, no one will ever think of using this method to threaten me.” He said slowly and calmly, with an elegance that was exclusive to the royal family.

The minister: ???

The minister felt like his head was starting to buzz. He wished he could just die right now in front of him.
TL/n: Chinese expression that shows that someone is super exasperated.

But Halls has already turned around and started giving out orders efficiently.

Prepare the spacecraft.

Prepare the troops.

He was going on a journey.

The minister got up in complete confusion and stupefaction, then he quickly excused himself and went to find the Imperial Majesty. In his opinion, he felt that perhaps His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince, was more dangerous than the enemy country. He needs to think of a way to keep the one and only wife the Highness may have in his life.

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