IM6A Chapter 15.2: The Alliance's Diplomat

At this time, the emperor was still putting up a front and continued chatting amicably with the enemy country’s General Zhou Yi Qing.

“Most of the Empire’s affairs have already been handed over to my son, and he’ll be responsible for them. He will assist the General…”

He was suddenly interrupted by the minister.

The minister hurriedly said, “Your Majesty! Please advise the Highness. His Highness’ marriage, he, he’s not willing…”

The subjects watching were in an uproar.


Previously, there were no signs at all. But why is it that all of a sudden, their crown prince’s marriage was put on the agenda?

The emperor was also taken aback. He thought, why didn’t I know my own son was getting married?

The minister handed the paper to the emperor. He was originally unwilling to expose this matter to the public, to prevent the enemy countries from giving birth to ill intentions. But now, the greatest danger was the crown prince himself! Hence, he must expose it! Only that way can he protect that Omega's life.

The emperor unfolded the paper in confusion.

In less than half a minute, his complexion changed greatly, and he stood up.

The subjects watching were all bewildered until they saw their Imperial Majesty let out a look of elation. He waved and directly announced on the spot to the camera that was live on the air, “People of the Limu Empire, three months from now, the grand wedding of the crown prince shall be held. When that time comes, I’ll invite all people to watch the live broadcast of the wedding!”

The subjects: ???

The subjects: !!!

The emperor quickly ordered the people to turn the live broadcast off in joy, then apologized to Zhou Yi Qing for having some matters that required his attention. He then left the minister of home affairs and minister of foreign matters to accompany him.

Zhou Yi Qing: ?

Zhou Yi Qing suddenly felt like the scene in front of him had happened before but at a different place. Like… when Old Zhou had gone to the military headquarters to look for him… maybe every parent who urge their children to get married all behaved in the same way.

Since the live broadcast ended, Zhou Yi Qing no longer needed to fake being courteous. He went straight to the point, “Lu Ji has entered your territory. This name shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you, right? I need to look for him. He entered from the borders of the δ galaxy, the nearest Star from there is the Asi Star…”

The looks of the people on the opposite side changed slightly.

Lu Ji, who had a prominent reputation and was a celebrity-turned-pirate leader, had actually appeared in the Limu Empire.

“So it turns out that your fiancé was kidnapped by him? We’ll let Asi Star prepare to meet and cooperate with General Zhou…”

Zhou Yi Qing: “No, he shouldn’t be on Asi Star anymore.” He paused before continuing, “Contact Beiman Star and Tata Star. Those Stars have the closest distance to the border, and Lu Ji had also gone there to shoot a movie before.”


On one side, Zhou Yi Qing smoothly arranged for his next trip.

On the other side, the emperor joyfully went to find his son, only to find out that his son was already gone.

“Where did he go?” He asked in a daze.

“To Beiman Star.” His valet replied.

There was a smile on the emperor’s face again, “To look for that Omega?”

The minister was stunned. “Hold on.” He does indeed hope that the Omega can be brought back quickly, but he never expected that the crown prince would depart personally so soon!

He slapped his thigh. “June 15, two Stars will collide in the δ galaxy! Map, map, quickly get the map here!”

About half a minute later.

Both the emperor and minister let out a sigh of relief and said, “Halls won’t take that route at all.”


Meanwhile, at the faraway Supreme Alliance.

The young officials of the Alliance quickly approached the office in front of them and pushed the door open using a lot of strength.

“Sir!” They shouted.

Sitting behind the desk was a tall and well-built young man. He had brown hair, gold-framed glasses, and was wearing a white shirt with black trousers. He was dressed meticulously, giving others the impression that he had an abstinent, stable, and cool bearing.

In addition to his getup, there was also a red insignia pinned on the chest area of his clothes, symbolizing his status and power.

If one looked up, one would see that there was a plaque hanging right above his head.

That was something the president of the Alliance had personally written for him and was written in the Chinese language of the Ancient Earth period.

On it were the words ‘An elegant and composed bearing, forthright and refined.’

It was very befitting of the man’s temperament and appearance.

At present, the man slowly raised his head. “Hm?”

The young official unconsciously withdrew his gaze, and even his footsteps became quieter. When he opened his mouth to speak, his tone also unconsciously became lower, “Sir, have you seen the Limu Empire’s live broadcast already?”

“No.” The man replied sharply.

“Halls is getting married. What the policy institute was implying was that perhaps he had found an Omega with an extremely high matching percentage, maybe even reaching 60%? It’s uncertain. But what’s certain is that once they’ve bonded, the Limu Empire will have another gifted Alpha that’s at least of 3S rank. This will be quite disadvantageous for us…” The speaker’s words were full of anxiety.

“Mn. So what are you trying to say?” The man answered calmly.

“We hope that Sir can use the power he holds in his hands to intercept and capture either that Omega or the Limu Empire’s crown prince. It would be even better if you could swiftly capture General Zhou Yi Qing’s fiancée along the way too.”

The man held out his hand and said, “Pass me the information.”

The young official immediately transferred the information over from the optical computer.

The man carefully studied the scarce information he had on hand. It was as though he wanted to have a thorough grasp of any information that may have been hidden.

Approximately five minutes later.

The man bent his fingers and knocked on the table. He looked up and asked, “What do you think about the idea of just killing Halls directly?”

The young official's nostrils flared, and his face turned red due to being overly excited.
"R-really? Can it be done?” He asked, his voice trembling.

“June 15, two Stars will collide in the δ galaxy. We should take advantage of the occurrence of this event.” The man slowly got up after he finished speaking.

“Killing Halls, naturally, isn’t an easy thing to do. Perhaps, I’ll have to go there myself personally.”

The other party repeatedly nodded, “What do you need? I’ll inform my father. He’ll definitely prepare everything for you!”

“Hand me my mech.”

“...” The official hesitated a little, but ultimately nodded his head resolutely.

“Don’t worry. We’ll prepare it for you.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll need to go do some preparations now.” The man got up and slowly left the place, but no one there would ever dare doubt his strength.

The young official couldn’t resist looking up to watch the sight of the man’s back leaving.
He was the Alliance’s diplomat.

He had a knack for manipulating people’s minds, and he also had the strength to control mechs that could break through the Star Domain.

His name was Zheng Yi An.


When all the countries began to take action, Qin Yi finally chose his new route.

He temporarily applied for a staff position with a crew that was going there for the shooting.
The crew needs to hurry off to Tata Star straight to shoot the remaining parts.

He was lucky enough to get selected for a part in a specially invited group performance, which meant that he could travel by the crew’s spacecraft that was also heading for Tata Star. It included meals and accommodation. As for the wages he will earn here, it will become his travel expenses to Capital Star in the future.

He didn’t go to the port to sneak out his secondhand spacecraft. How could Lu Ji not have any sense of alertness at all after being a pirate captain for so many years? It was quite easy to catch his attention with this kind of action…

“Kilia, this is your lunch.” A crew member walked to him and gave him the food, his face red.
Qin Yi chuckled and said in a low voice, “Thank you.”

Then he turned around to look at the scenery outside the spacecraft.

Countless stars were twinkling in the distance. One of them seemed to be… getting closer and closer?



On Beiman Star.

Lu Ji pushed open the door and walked out. He finally thought it through.

If it was an Omega like Zhou Yi, it seemed like it wouldn’t… be too bad to let him stay by his side to accompany him from now on?

When Lu Ji just started conjuring an idea, Lu Xing came over in a hurry, his face extremely ugly, “Boss! Your wife is missing!!!”

This was the third day that Lu Ji had just gotten an Omega who had a 100% matching percentage with him.

But now, his Omega was gone.

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