IM6A Chapter 16.1: Dragon and Python

It was not only Qin Yi who noticed that there was a Star outside the spacecraft that was getting bigger and bigger. The staff who delivered food to Qin Yi quickly ran back to him.

“You… just sit in your seat and don’t move.” The other party was out of breath and panting. He looked down, only to see Qin Yi sitting there and eating his lunch in an unbothered manner. He wasn’t flustered at all.

At this moment, Qin Yi raised his head, a piece of low-quality meat on his fork. But he didn’t care one bit, took a bite, and even praised it: “This dish is very delicious.”

The staff was stunned.

The meal treatment of the staff was simply just that, and the meat was taken from the bodies of random artificially bred mutant animals. No one had ever praised it as delicious before.

Had she never eaten these before?

Of course, all these weren't the main focus of the issue here!

The staff quickly pulled back from his thoughts and said in a low voice: “There seems to be some kind of foreign matter outside… there’s a chance it may crash into the spacecraft. Don’t be too afraid, all our captains are very experienced in this field.”

Only then did Qin Yi realize that the other party had specially come to comfort him.
TL/n: Actual meaning was ‘appease’ but I thought ‘comfort’ was more suitable.

He looked at the other party in surprise. He nodded, “It’s alright, I’m not afraid.”

Kilia looks lovable, the staff thought.

It doesn’t matter, maybe I can accompany her if she gets afraid later.

Right at the next moment, the spacecraft’s internal broadcast sounded.

“We detected that a planet 0.012 miles away from us has started burning after a collision and is currently falling in our direction… Please don’t panic, the spacecraft is currently changing its course.”

Qin Yi lowered his eyes and pondered for a bit. How long can his mech survive in space after a collision?

The staff suddenly spoke again. “Don’t be afraid,” he said in a trembling voice.

Qin Yi looked up at him. The male Beta in front of him had eyes that were full of panic, and he couldn’t stop his legs from shaking, causing the tabletop of the small dining table to rise from the shaking.

Qin Yi: ?

Who exactly is the one afraid here?

Qin Yi held his lunchbox with one hand, and he whispered back, “You shouldn’t be afraid too.”

“En, en, en.” The staff let out a sigh of relief. In his heart, he felt that Kilia was very gentle.

Today was the Year 3386, June 15 in the Cosmic Calendar.

When the two planets collided, a large number of electromagnetic waves burst out at that moment. The huge thermal radiation energy was ultimately reflected into the eyes like a burning flame.

Crown Prince Halls drew his sword and cut off the head of one of his personal attendants. But even so, his spacecraft had already gone off course.

The personal attendant was left for him by his mother, and he had been by his side for an entire 17 years. But this personal attendant, who had always been well-behaved and spoke little, suddenly opened the cabin door of the spacecraft as if he didn’t want to live anymore.

There was a sudden loss of pressure in the cabin and at the same time, the air in the cabin escaped and countless cosmic rays invaded the spacecraft. The temperature started dropping rapidly.

The people who were not able to prepare in time ushered in death at that moment.

The pilot's head slammed down on the operating panel.

The spacecraft slanted and flew off course, deviating from its original route.

It was a fortunate thing that Halls never liked having too many people around him. At the very most, the spacecraft only had four people.

His personal troops were all in the spacecraft behind.

He shot a cold glance at that spacecraft.

In an instant, a tall, golden-colored mech that had an indomitable spirit stepped on the spacecraft and stood straight, letting out an angry roar.

The cosmic rays that landed on its body left only a shallow mark.

"What is that?" Some people held onto the window of the spacecraft; their eyes wide open.

The staff sitting opposite Qin Yi also couldn't help but turn and look over.

"What kind of... monster is that?" The staff asked, his voice trembling.

Qin Yi also couldn't resist turning around to take a look.

Its horns were like a deer’s, its abdomen was like a clam’s, and its claws were like an eagle’s.

The massive figure was standing there firmly in an upright position.

Noble, majestic, and fierce.

"Is it a... dragon?" Qin Yi spoke hesitatingly.

It looked to be like the dragon that was recorded in the Ancient Earth's Chinese calendar.

The staff looked back, "Kilia, you know a lot of things!"

As soon as he spoke, cries of alarm erupted at the other end again.

"Again? What’s that?"

"Heavens! It looks so scary!"

Only then did Qin Yi get up and walk slowly to the window. There were no longer as many people near the window at this time. In their opinion, the unknown massive creatures that were floating in space looked scarier than the falling meteors.

Qin Yi squinted slightly and looked out through the glass.

The unidentified creature was similarly huge, but it was pitch black this time. It stepped on the spacecraft and rose from the ground.

Its body was adorned with cool and dark colors, like the light reflecting from countless scales. It looked ferocious and cold.

Even if the distance from them was far, the prestige it emanated could still be felt.

It seemed like a... snake?


It was more like a boa or python.

Qin Yi's mind immediately associated it with something he had once glanced through in a book——a Bio mech.

It was the first-class mech of all mech types.

Another cry rang out in his ear.

"Ah!" Some timid ones had closed their eyes and tilted their heads.

However, Qin Yi stared closely at the scene, his gaze not even shifting away in the slightest.

I'm so rich.

If I were to buy a bio mech in the future, it would be possible... right?

The dragon and python quickly started to fight. Continuous short bursts of flames could be seen in space. The sound of roaring and blasting from afar could also be softly heard in the spacecraft.

Their bodies were so huge that it seemed like they could block out the entire sky. Every flick of their tails was full of heaviness, fierceness, and cruelness.

The staff plucked up the courage to walk to Qin Yi's side.

"Kilia, you, are you not afraid?" He asked in a small voice.

Qin Yi asked him in return, "Don't you think it looks nice?"

"Looks nice?"

"Mn. Have you seen the images left behind during the Ancient Earth period?"


"It was said that during that period, there were countless creatures much stronger than humans that existed on that Star. Those creatures were rarely seen by humans. There were the Titanoboa, the Acherontisuchus, the Brachiosaurus, and the Stegosaurus. There was also the Taotie and the Qiongqi. And the tale of Gonggong and Mount Buzhou..."
TL/n: All creatures stated above are mythical creatures.

Qin Yi raised his hand and tapped on the glass lightly, "They're just like the images from the Ancient Earth but restored."

The staff was slightly fascinated by what he had heard.

Only when he had come to his senses did he stare blankly at the 'lady' in front of him.

Kilia knew so many things...

Plus, she was very gutsy.

Such a ferocious scene looked magnificent in her eyes.

Right at this moment, a series of emergency warning tones suddenly blasted through the spacecraft.

"The Star is approaching!"

"No, oh god, the two gigantic creatures are coming towards us. We can no longer escape, quick! Prepare for an emergency landing! Don't look for Tata Star's port anymore, it's too late!"

The spacecraft made a rapid descent. All the passengers had an intense reaction when faced with the loss of gravity.

Only Qin Yi had completely no reaction at all. He simply sat down nearby and swiftly fastened his seat belt.

"Boom——" A loud sound could be heard.

The burning Star came into contact with another Star when passing by. It also brushed past the two massive creatures.

Right at the moment the spacecraft finally landed.



Another two loud sounds were heard.

Huge streams of energy waves vibrated towards all four corners, causing the passengers who had already vomited to the brink of death to vomit even more.

Qin Yi's mind also felt like it was shaking, but he still didn't feel a strong desire to vomit.

He closed his eyes and waited for a few seconds. He could only slowly open his eyes and get up when he had fully adapted to the situation.

He guessed that the two mechs might have fallen off.

There was chaos everywhere after the spacecraft made the emergency landing. The captain and other staff were busy trying to calm everyone, especially the actors that had received a fright.

Qin Yi reckoned that it might take a while before the situation returned to normal.

When he opened his eyes again, the staff that had been accompanying him the whole time came to him again.

The staff said anxiously, "It seems like we've arrived at an unfamiliar Star. The map we currently have doesn't have its existence. The grass outside is very high and the trees are also very tall. Once someone goes outside, they would be submerged in the grass. Not only that, but the navigation has completely stopped functioning... we also can't use the communicator to make contact with the outside world."

Qin Yi: "..."

Well, shit.

Will I still receive my salary then?

I'm just an ordinary extra!

Qin Yi quickly stood up and asked, “Is there any kind of primeval equipment on the spacecraft?"

"What?" The staff asked in return, uncertainty in his voice.

"Compass, magnets, flashlights..."

"I-I don't know, I can help you ask?"

Qin Yi thought to himself.

You're not helping me.

You're helping yourselves.

Qin Yi walked out slowly and went to the hall after the staff left. The main cast of several production teams was sitting together in the hall.

Most of them were Betas and there was only one male lead who was an Alpha.

This movie was pretty ridiculous.

What was the movie?

The movie was called《The Legend of Lu Ji》.