IM6A Chapter 16.2: Dragon and Python

Updated: Jul 23

The person behind the capital for this production was allegedly Lu Ji's fanatic fan. Hence, they threw a lot of money into it.

Qin Yi liked this rich person very much.
TL/n: Direct translation would be 'thousands of gold', but it just means that that person was born with a golden spoon.

When Qin Yi came out, he coincidentally heard the main cast complaining, "If I knew the security you've hired would be so rubbish, I wouldn't have come to participate no matter what was said."

"That's right. Who would've thought that they wouldn't return after going out. We're just letting them explore the route ahead, so where exactly have they gone exploring?"

"What should we do now? How long can the food on the spacecraft last us? Are they asking us to die here?"

The director rubbed his hands awkwardly and said, "I indeed didn't expect it to turn out like this, this is also an accident..."

"The food on the spacecraft is enough to last us 18 days." The captain said calmly.

The actors instantly decided to quit.

"Are you crazy? So, we will have to starve to death after 18 days?"

"Hurry and think of a plan. I can't stay in this damn place for a second longer!"

The captain looked at the only Alpha male actor present and asked, "I would like to ask if Mr. Zhang has a mech?"

The Alpha actor frowned and replied, "I do. What's the matter?"

The captain: "I think that in this kind of unfamiliar environment, it would be most appropriate to drive a mech in. It wouldn't be as easy for the unknown creatures to invade you and you can also have a greater vision."

However, the Alpha actor refused, "Letting me go? You must be sick!"

The captain remained silent with a heavy face.

For a while, the atmosphere was bleak.

Until a pair of pale white hands were placed on the cabin door.

"Who is it?" The director turned his head sharply.

The rest of the people also looked over collectively.

The main production team didn't take note of Qin Yi before as he got in through the assistant director. He immediately went with them into the spacecraft once he had entered the team.

Hence, Qin Yi had truly stepped into their field of vision only now.

So beautiful.

This was everyone's first reaction.

The impulsiveness they felt in the bottom of their hearts unconsciously disappeared at first sight

"Can I go out, and see?" Qin Yi asked.

Everyone came back to their senses instantly.

What the hell is she saying?

A Beta female wants to head out alone to take a look? On this completely unfamiliar and strange Star!

"Let her go." Said some actors whose eyes flickered.

There was currently no one willing to go and explore the situation outside other than the security that they had already lost contact with.

It was great for them if someone was willing to take the initiative to go.

The captain suppressed his desire to speak.

However, the crew has to listen to the director.

And the director has to consider the opinions of those big-shot actors.

The director stared at Qin Yi and also hesitated a little, "Have you thought it through?"

Qin Yi: "Mn."

"Then... then, you should go." His conscience didn't vanish completely and so, he added, "Be careful on the road. Do you want to take some weapons with you?"

"If there's any, I will have to trouble you to give me some." Qin Yi said.

The director suddenly felt sorry after listening to Qin Yi's polite tone and hurriedly went with the captain to find some weapons for him.

He even gave him a bottle of water and some food.

Seeing this, the actors were all greatly dissatisfied, "We originally didn't have much to eat..."

The captain couldn't help but snort coldly, "Need others to help but will not give them even a bit of benefit. How does that make any sense?"

"Give then give!" A few senior actors said reluctantly.

"Wouldn't it be enough to just give her money?"

"That's right, is half a million enough?"

"I'll give seven hundred thousand."

The Alpha actor's voice was the least tolerant. He simply said, "You're all really f--king misers. All right, she'll go to explore and inquire about the situation outside and I'll give her two million dollars. If she manages to come back with news of what's really happening outside, I'll give her another five million dollars. How's that?"

The captain was so angered that he had to lean back, "This..."

If this wasn't humiliating people, what else can it be?

At this, Qin Yi stretched out his wrist and the communicator on it lit up, "Thank you, please pay immediately."

The captain: ?

The actors: "..."

Why does it feel like they hadn't even managed to insult the other party in the slightest bit? It even seemed to have matched the other party's intentions???

The Alpha was the first to pay. He finished setting the correct amount to pay.

Internet connection was not needed for this. Two communicators just had to scan each other and the money would be transferred over.

With the Alpha starting the chain, the others could only pay up.

They even murmured at the very end, "Don't give so much food away, we have to save up..."

Qin Yi finally opened the cabin door with the captain's help. He leaped down the spacecraft.

The hemline of the white skirt flew up and down, like the petals opening and closing.

His figure soon disappeared into the grass. Everyone's breath unconsciously hitched, then they slowly returned to normal.

This Beta was as beautiful as a painting.

And she was also... extremely bold.

Qin Yi took out his mech. A towering pink mech would usually appear but on this Star, only its head could be seen from the grass.

The mechanical arm grabbed onto Qin Yi's waist and picked him up, putting him into the cabin.
This was the first time he had piloted his mech.

He clumsily shuttled through the grass before finally entering the forest that was full of tall trees, where most sunlight was obstructed.

He didn't see any creatures or the bodyguards that were sent out along the way.

He wasn't sure how long he had been moving forward.

Just as Qin Yi was about to get addicted to operating his mech, he caught sight of a large number of bent trees a short distance away.

Those brown sturdy trees had been cut off cleanly while the surfaces that had been cut were blackened as if they had been scorched by fire.

It looked as though... something had fallen nearby.

Qin Yi: "Ah."

Will he find a dragon or a snake?


Halls has never gotten himself in such a mess before.

He was hit by a Star while fighting with that snake.

No matter how tough his mech was, it would still be difficult to resist the damage brought on by the Star's flames, especially after he had given his all in fighting the enemy.

The energy source of the mech was rapidly depleting to reduce the damage caused by the descent. Only when he had faintly seen the trees did he turn off the energy source to save the last bit left.

But who the f--k would have known that the trees would be as tall as a hundred-story building.

He fell straight down with his mech, the friction resulting in a string of spark and lightning discharges.

The so-called bio mech was connected to the human body. When the mech encounters major damage, the human body would inevitably be affected.

These were the side-effects the owners of bio mechs have to bear to ensure that their mech would be strong, sensitive, have absolute loyalty to its owner, and would not be invaded by any viruses.

Halls raised his eyelids and observed his surroundings to see if there was any trace of the snake nearby. He then kept his mech and sat up to lean against the tree behind him.

His mech shrunk into a small dragon and laid out not far from him. He no longer has the strength to hold it in his arms, hence, he could only close his eyes and try to recover back to his original state as soon as possible.

The light rays in front of him were gone and he caught a glimpse of pink.

The pink mech approached slowly before finally stopping.

Halls: "..."

"...You stepped on my dragon's... tail..."

At this moment, the pink mech's mechanical arm opened and he saw a tall lady wearing a white dress being placed on the ground slowly with the support of the mechanical arm.

The other party seemed to not have adapted well and hence, her body was still slightly tilted. The long curly black hair drooped to the side, revealing the beautiful and complicated decorative patterns on her nape. It was just like the images that he briefly saw from the ancient thick files his mother was holding when he was young.

The lady squatted down slowly. She became the only color left between the tall grass and trees.

She picked up his dragon and asked in a seemingly curious tone, "Are you thirsty?"

Halls pursed his lips, "Mn."

He thought that she might have already recognized him. Hence, he said softly, "What's your name? I'll be thankful to you for saving me."

Qin Yi smiled, his eyes narrowing slightly, "I'm Kilia."

He then proceeded to unscrew the water bottle after speaking.

Halls waited for three seconds.


She didn't have the intention of giving him water.

She didn't recognize him?

Qin Yi shook the water, then shook the dragon, "Can I exchange the two?"

Halls: "..."

How can a true man grovel and not have a spine.

He's a dignified crown prince...

Qin Yi finished unscrewing, lifted his head, pursed his lips, and took a sip.

Halls' Adam apple bobbed as he stared at her closely.

Her neck was white and slender. It was extremely beautiful.

But what's more beautiful was the water droplet that slid down from the corner of her mouth. The droplet rolled down from her chin and disappeared into the ground without a single trace.

Halls: "...Okay."

A real man can take it.

Hence, Qin Yi threw the bottle to him and said, "I know a bio mech is bound to its owner and there can only be one owner in its life. Wait for me to finish playing with it, then I'll return it to you."

Halls' eyes tightened and he silently unscrewed the cap, swiftly pouring the water down his throat.

The water was infused with a strong pheromone smell, and it rushed into his body along with the water.