IM6A Chapter 17.1: Do You Still Want to Play with the Dragon

Why don't you continue fainting?

And I'll go ahead first?

Qin Yi turned around slowly and pinched the little dragon in his palm. The dragon was covered with scales and its mechanical arm was icy cold, the kind of cold that could only belong to a mech. The thing seemed to have lost all its energy source and could only become a lifeless object.

He can't even play with it.

Qin Yi sighed lightly and turned around. He placed the little dragon at Halls' feet.

Alphas had tough bodies. Halls woke up very soon.

His blood, which was pounding through his veins due to the adrenaline, finally calmed down.

There was only dead silence all around.

He could even feel a hint of a cool breeze falling on his face.

That 'lady' was gone, along with that pink mech.

When he thought back to that unusual taste that had such a strong impact that felt almost unstoppable before he had fainted... an Omega? That was an Omega?

Halls' expression darkened.

For the first time since his birth, the young crown prince felt embarrassment and indignation from the bottom of his heart.

Halls lifted his gaze and looked around again.

The 'lady's' figure was still nowhere to be seen.

She offended him, and after he had fainted, she directly took off with his mech?

Halls' gaze suddenly stopped at the ground. He saw his dragon mech on the ground.

Halls: "..."

As soon as she saw him pass out, she didn’t even want his biomech anymore and just simply walked away?!

Halls pursed his lips, feeling some sort of unspeakable shame and resentment. He didn't know if it was either because the other party didn't recognize him, the fact that he got lightheaded from Omega pheromones, or if it was because the other party unexpectedly looked down on his biomech...

Isn't the dragon good?

...Although it currently looked like it was dead.

"You're awake?"

Halls paused, then turned around furiously.

The 'lady' who was in a long white dress stuck her head out from a tree not far away.

Halls: "..."

So, it turned out that she didn't leave.

Qin Yi searched the area within 30 meters around carefully. He even climbed up a tree to see if he could get a better view, to see if there were cities or any signs of human life in the distance.

It was just that the tree was indeed too tall. He couldn't sustain himself with an Omega's physical strength as had to climb to the top without the aid of tools.

In the end, he could only slip down slowly.

Qin Yi stepped on the branches and made a leap. There was still a distance of two meters from the ground...

There was a lump in Halls' throat and a thought suddenly popped in his mind——she would crash.

But a pair of mechanical arms reached out from behind the big tree at the last minute, firmly catching the 'lady' and putting her down on the ground gently.

"Are you feeling better?" Qin Yi immediately looked up and asked the moment he could stand firmly.

Halls was momentarily silent before replying, "Mn."

Qin Yi: "Return the remaining water to me."

Halls' temple twitched. He licked his lower lip unconsciously and said, "...No."

Qin Yi: ?

Halls managed to force his voice out, "I've already drank from it."

He had tasted the Omega's pheromones. If the Omega also tasted his pheromones...

What will that be considered then?

For a moment, Halls' head suddenly began pounding harder.

The crown prince is undoubtedly the most outstanding graduate in the Imperial College. But there was one course he had never passed.

It was called 《AO Genders》.

This course described in detail the situations under which an Alpha and Omega will mate, the role and effect the matching percentage has in an AO pairing, the measures to be taken after mating, as well as the differences between the three grades of marking, etc.

The crown prince had skipped the first class all the way to the last.

As for his graduation year, the professor sat in the audience and wept silently. He thought of himself as the person who would be viewed as a sinner in the Limu Empire for ages to come.

Because his classes were too boring, the crown prince may never be able to have an Omega in this lifetime.

Halls didn't study much. Hence, he couldn't find an accurate explanation for his strange reaction.

Qin Yi: "We know nothing about this Star and still don't know how many days we would be stuck here for. Water is very precious, I have to take back whatever water that is left."

Halls pursed his lips and remained unswayed.

Did the other party really treat him as a girl now that he's wearing a dress?

Qin Yi explained, "I'm not the one drinking. I'm giving it to others to drink."

"Others?" Halls' expression instantly turned stranger.

Let others drink the 'lady' and his pheromones?

Halls' temple was throbbing.

"Who else is here besides you?" He asked in a low voice.

"A film crew. We were on a spacecraft and were rushing to Tata Star, but we met a burning Star on our way there. And... two mechs. One of the mechs is yours, right? They crashed down together. The spacecraft was forced to stop." Qin Yi explained what had happened in a clear-cut manner.

No wonder, Halls thought.

Halls got up slowly. He had recovered half of his physical function and walking was no problem for him.

"Can you bring me to your film crew?" Halls asked.

Qin Yi didn't agree to it immediately and instead, he asked, "Why did you fight with that mech?"

"He wanted to kill me." Halls said calmly.

"Are you a wanted criminal?" Qin Yi also asked calmly.



Since the other party didn't recognize him, Halls didn't reveal his identity. He changed what he was going to say instead, "Have you heard of Meili Bank?"

Qin Yi: "Ah."

"I've heard of it before."

Isn’t this such a coincidence?

Halls continued, "I'm Meili Bank's heir. My name is Alfred Gladstone."

Qin Yi: "..."

Ah, the name is too long for him to remember.

"Someone is after me and trying to gain profits off me. You won't disclose my whereabouts, will you?" Halls asked in a deep voice, his behavior unintentionally showing off his noble birth.

Qin Yi: "Of course."

Unless the person who's after you took out more than 800 million as payment for a contract kill.

Halls' expression eased a little.

The 'lady' in front of him seemed to be very quick-witted and smart... but she...

Halls frowned for a moment before asking, "Are you an Omega?"

Qin Yi instantly became alert. He smiled and turned the question back to him, "Hm? You smelled my pheromones?"

I didn't smell it. I drank it.

Halls didn't know why he felt like he had a ball of fire in his chest when he thought of that. He also inexplicably felt anxious.

Halls stared at Qin Yi for two seconds.

She's very beautiful. At the same time, she’s an omega. How could her family allow her to go outside alone?

"No." Halls replied.

Maybe she isn't an Omega. Maybe the Omega pheromones I perceived earlier was an illusion

I've never taken any Omega-related courses before, after all. Those delicate Omegas that only know how to sob really evoke feelings of disgust in people. I've never smelled them before.

I'm not even completely sure what Omega pheromones should taste like! Halls thought.

Qin Yi answered softly, "Mn, I'm a Beta." The gaze he shot at the youth was also much more relaxed.

Why did she suddenly look at me with such a gentle gaze?

Halls' heart jumped.

"If you're done resting, let's make a move." Qin Yi spoke up.


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