IM6A Chapter 17.2: Do You Still Want to Play with the Dragon

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Halls bent down to pick up his dragon mech. He then followed behind Qin Yi.

Qin Yi had already kept his mech. The youth behind him became his newly appointed bodyguard.

A person who could operate a biomech is definitely not a weakling.

Qin Yi was in a good mood.

"I have some money saved up in Meili Bank." Qin Yi said while walking.

Halls: "Mn."

This wasn't an unusual thing. Most people will have bank accounts in both the Imperial Bank and Meili Bank.

"This sum of money can only be withdrawn from the head branch. If you don't mind, please take me with you when you return to Capital Star. Is that okay?" Qin Yi asked politely.

Halls... the identity Halls had fabricated.

But he still responded, "Mn."

When his personal troops finally come to his aid and he has finished dealing with the Omega in Beiman Star, he will have his personal troops escort the 'lady' to the head branch of Meili Bank.

They took a few more steps forward.

Halls suddenly paused

The grass was indeed too tall.

There were some fibrous roots with spiked edges that could prick the eyes of unsuspecting people.

Halls was pricked by them. His face sank.

For a moment, he couldn't adapt to this situation. He didn't have his personal troops, nor a personal attendant around him. He didn't even have someone to hold an umbrella for him or to separate the vegetation on both sides to make a path.

Qin Yi noticed Halls had stopped.

"What's wrong?" Qin Yi asked without looking back.

"Nothing." Halls continued walking forward. He then heard the 'lady' asking the very next second, "Can you separate the grass on both sides?"

Halls had never done such a job before.

But he's currently not the crown prince. Halls frowned a little.

Ten minutes later.

Halls was now able to skillfully separate the grass on both sides.

Qin Yi's steps also quickened.

Qin Yi had stopped using the mech after confirming that there was no danger around. He needed to conserve the energy source.

However, the walk lasted for nearly an hour since they had relied solely on their legs.

They saw the spacecraft that was a distance away more than an hour later.

The door of the spacecraft was shut tightly. A few anxious faces could be faintly seen on the glass window.

"She's back! She's back!"

"How is she the one who came back first?"

"There's a... person following behind her? Who's that person?"

The captain ignored the voices and opened the cabin door first.

"Wait! We still don't know who she brought back? What if she had led a wolf here?" An actor shouted unhappily.
TL/n: To invite potential trouble.

But they objected too late.

Qin Yi and Halls quickly arrived at the door of the spacecraft.

"The ladder is broken; can you hold onto this?" The captain asked.

A spare ladder was put down. The spare ladder wasn't long enough, and it was a little shaky.

Qin Yi raised his hand and grabbed a hold of the last step.

Halls looked at his figure. It was too slow to climb up like this. Without even thinking, Halls climbed up and stretched his hand out to wrap his arm around Qin Yi's waist powerfully and sent him up.

Qin Yi: ?

He seemed to have smelled Alpha pheromones?

It was right to say that Qin Yi was being sent up the ladder.

But at that moment, that feeling of his blood boiling all over his body and clamoring caused Halls to feel trapped again.

A sweet pheromone smell drifted into his nose and penetrated deep inside him.

If it wasn't because Halls had already experienced this before, he'll definitely feel like he had taken a blow to the head and won't be able to withstand such a huge impact in such a short period.

"..." Halls' eyes lowered. All the muscles in his body were tensed.

It was as though he could hear blood rushing in his body.

This feeling was completely foreign and particularly intriguing to him.

The world seemed to have been cut into halves. One half was filled with irrelevant people and things, and the other half was filled with him, and the girl named 'Kilia'.

His heart was in chaos.

Halls stayed rooted to the spot. However, the captain quickly stretched out his hand, grabbed Qin Yi, and pulled him up.

"Who is he?" The captain asked.

Halls listened to the 'lady's' voice while she was answering. It was as though every word and syllable were gently stroking his eardrums and passing by.

Qin Yi said, "I picked him up."

Halls' thoughts came back abruptly. He climbed up the ladder nimbly and entered the spacecraft in what seemed to be a blink of an eye.

For a moment, everyone stood up, staring at him nervously and defensively.

Halls stood there with tattered clothes, but his expression remained unchanged. He lowered his eyes and looked at everyone present, his demeanor the same as always.

He said in a low voice, "My mech fell."

Everyone reacted at once and exclaimed, "That huge creature? Was that a biomech?"

Halls: "Mn."

In his eyes, everyone on the spacecraft was insignificant ants. They were weak and easily startled. They also didn't look very smart.

The gaze everyone used to look at Halls had an evident change.

Biomech... it was only something that existed in rumors. They've only heard of it but had never seen it before.

Thinking back to that war between the two huge creatures, it was probably their first and last time witnessing such a shocking scene.

"This gentleman looks powerful. Will we be getting rescued soon?" An actor exclaimed in surprise.

The Alpha actor interrupted unhappily, "He wouldn't have fallen from the sky if he was strong enough though."

Halls: "..."

He cast a look at the Alpha.

The Alpha actor seemed to have felt something and a chill ran down his spine.

"There's still some water left." Qin Yi chimed in.

The actors' expressions looked much better at once. Not only did he not waste food and water, but he also even brought back such a powerful person. This is great!

Qin Yi looked at the Alpha actor and asked, "Let's go into detail about what I saw outside, shall we?"

The Alpha actor's face relaxed, "Mn, come over and take a seat before talking."

At this moment, the captain initiated a conversation with Halls and wanted to bring him to clean up and deal with his wounds along the way.

Halls didn't refuse.

He was a head taller than the captain. The sharp contrast of the height difference between them while he was walking behind the captain suddenly brought unspeakable pressure to everyone on the spacecraft.

"He looks dangerous but you're surprisingly unafraid and brought him back just like that..." The Alpha actor said, his lips curling into a sneer.

Halls stopped walking.

Did they think he couldn't hear? He had acute senses.

The captain: "What's the matter?"

Halls didn't say anything and simply continued walking forward.

"Mn, saving people is something I should do." Qin Yi replied casually. He paused, then said frankly, "Moreover, I think he's the heir to Meili Bank?"

Everyone was in an uproar as soon as he said that.

"How can this be?"

"Is he actually from the Gladstone family?"

"It's no wonder he has a biomech."

The Alpha actor felt like he had lost face and quickly urged Qin Yi, "Alright, tell us what you had discovered..."
Halls finally realized why the other party didn't recognize him after standing in front of the bathroom mirror. His face was full of scratches and his blood had left hideous marks after drying up. His eyes and eyebrows were fully covered.

He didn't look like the crown prince of the Limu Empire at all, but more like a hideous monster.

Yet, when the 'lady' saw his appearance... she didn't even blink.

"You don't have to worry too much. As long as we can leave this place without any hiccups, these scars can all be healed after lying in the medical cabin for ten minutes." The captain couldn't help but say when he saw Halls standing there.

"Mn." Halls naturally knew that this kind of injury wasn't serious.

There was medical equipment in his mech. It was just that his biomech had suffered serious damages and didn't have any extra energy source for a restart.

"I'll go find some clothes for you." The captain said before turning to leave.

Halls made a sound of acknowledgment and directly tore up the clothes he was wearing. He had worn casual clothes when going out. He was only going out to deal with an Omega, after all.

But now, it seems like...

Casual clothes were indeed very inferior to the protective ability of military uniforms.

The captain handed the clothes he had found to Halls very soon. Clothes were made from unique materials and could fit all sizes of the human body at will.

Halls pushed the door open and walked out about 10 minutes later. He had long legs and a slender waist, his body was as straight as a rod, and his hair was tied tightly and combed back, revealing exquisite and haughty eyes.

The captain didn't know why he felt that Halls might as well stand there with a sceptre in his hand…

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