IM6A Chapter 17.3: Do You Still Want to Play with the Dragon

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On the other end, Qin Yi had finished saying everything he knew of.

They had at least obtained important information from Qin Yi. There were no animals that could harm people in the grass and woods.

It was as quiet as a dead planet here.

The Alpha actor also kept his promise and quickly paid him the 5 million dollars.

Although it was in the Limu Empire's currency, Qin Yi didn't mind.

It's still money.

Qin Yi got up slowly, "Then I'll head off first."

The Alpha actor stared at him a little more, then suddenly said, "Don't follow him anymore. Who knows if he had been lying? Do you really believe that someone from the Gladstone family will appear here? Ha! Wouldn't it be better to just say the crown prince is here too!"

He paused, then shot Qin Yi an amicable smile, "My identity is real. Maybe you can consider following me instead for this period."

The 'lady' in front was beautiful enough, although her chest wasn't big enough.

But she can do many things for me. I can also use her to trample on the face of the so-called heir of the Gladstone family, the Alpha actor thought.

Qin Yi looked at him silently without making a sound.


Kong Jiaxiang was already irritating enough.

Not to mention you?

The Alpha actor stared at her, his gaze becoming progressively serious and excited.

When the 'lady' was quiet, it was as though her eyes contained affection. This made her already beautiful face touch people's hearts even more.

His mouth suddenly felt dry. Hence, he grabbed the water that was on the table and took out the stopper. He knew clearly that this was the water she had taken with her out of the spacecraft. For the water to remain so little, surely, she must have drunk it? How did she drink it? Huh? By putting her lips to the mouth of the bottle?

The Alpha actor smiled.

He tilted his head and started pouring the water into his mouth while watching attentively at Qin Yi's calm posture...

He thought that if there weren't any changes in her expression, that would mean that she had silently agreed with his suggestion. So, he'll hold the bottle and drink some water, then observe her reaction further.

But this idea only flew past his brain briefly. Just briefly.

At the next moment, a strong Alpha pheromone with absolute suppression that couldn't be resisted pressed down on him.

His throat seemed to have been pierced by air and he trembled instinctively. The veins on his neck and the back of his hands were almost bursting out.

He clenched the bottle tightly. Because he had used excessive force, his fingers almost changed shape. Finally, he overturned the water.

He also couldn't help but kneel on the ground.

This unexpected scene almost scared everyone silly.

The Alpha actor moved his eyes with great difficulty. He caught sight of the 'lady' in white in front of him.

She was still looking at him calmly. It was no different from just now.

But at this moment, he couldn't feel proud or restless, he could only feel deep fear that suddenly appeared from the bottom of his heart.

"What are all of you still waiting for? Quickly help him up! Hurry!"

"What's wrong? Kilia, is there something wrong with the water you brought back?"

"There's nothing wrong with the water." Halls walked back slowly.

He was wearing a white dress. He didn't have a choice; this was the only clothing the captain could find and provide him.

The hem of his high low dress hung behind him, making him look even taller and slender. The leather shoes he was wearing gently knocked against the ground.

Step by step, he walked closer before finally standing still.

"My pheromones are in it." Halls said.

Everyone stared at him blankly. The youth's prominent brow ridge and deep-set eyes were vaguely discernible under his hideous scars, forming exquisite features.

He looked noble and elegant, composed and imposing.

Halls bent down slightly, picked up the water bottle, and put it back onto the table.

"So, don't touch things that don't belong to you." He said softly.

Only then did the Alpha actor recover. He grabbed the couch behind him with great difficulty, then raised his head and glared at Halls coldly.

He had always known that there were some overbearing Alphas that would use their pheromones as marks. Upon coming into contact with the marked area, other Alphas will immediately feel the strong suppression that existed between high and low-ranked Alphas.

However, Halls didn't look at him. He turned to look at Qin Yi instead.

She was the one who took the water from his hands. Seeing this scene, will she feel frightened?

At this moment, Qin Yi got up slowly and smiled politely, "Mn, is there anything else? If not, I'll be going back first." He looked extremely calm, as though he knew long ago that something like this would happen.

Halls: "..."

Qin Yi: "Bye-bye."

She didn't even take another look at Halls.

"...Do you still want to play with the dragon?" Halls gulped and suddenly asked.


The news of the crown prince's disappearance was suppressed. The emperor began experiencing the painful life of being unable to eat or sleep.

But fortunately, Zhou Yiqing soon left Capital Star for Beiman Star. He would at least not have to face double pressure.

On the day Zhou Yiqing arrived at Beiman Star, Lu Ji took his subordinates along the street to investigate and search for news related to Qin Yi.

Lu Ji didn't have a picture of Qin Yi. Fortunately, there was surveillance footage on his spacecraft. They just need to cut out a small part to use as an aid in their search for him.

It was just that there was no one who had seen him after they asked everyone on the streets. Some people even thought he had gone crazy.

"How can an Omega walk outside alone?" The other party looked at him tauntingly, thinking that Lu Ji must have imagined an Omega out of thin air for himself.

"..." Lu Ji clenched his fist.

Lu Xing said anxiously, "He didn't even operate his spacecraft and drive it away... where could he have gone then? Could it be..."

A terrifying thought appeared in Lu Xing's mind, "Could he have been kidnapped by someone?!"

Lu Ji's face turned cold.


Who else could it be?

Zhou Yiqing?

And right then, another party was also holding Qin Yi's photos. The people who were in charge of investigating bumped directly into Lu Ji and the others.

"General! We’ve discovered someone else is also looking for Master Qin Yi here!"

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