IM6A Chapter 18.1: Father-in-Law

The spacecraft was extremely quiet.
Play with dragons?
Play with what dragon?

Everyone was collectively stunned.
Qin Yi came to a halt. He turned and looked at Halls.
Halls pursed his lips and, in the end, gradually took out his dragon mech.
Everyone held their breaths for a moment.
What exactly is that?
That was a representation of the highest level of mech manufacturing in the world.
That's the... bio mech?

Everyone's hearts trembled. Even the Alpha actor who was overwhelmed by pheromones and embarrassed himself simply bit his lip after someone helped him up. He didn't get angry nor break out into curses.

They all stared at that thing intently.
But Halls put it away again very soon. He lowered his gaze and said coldly, "This thing's energy source has been completely depleted. "
His face stiffened, making him look even scarier. Only he himself knew that he was secretly feeling a little embarrassed deep down.
His mech was still motionless and half-dead. Anyone who saw it will lose hope in waiting for it to turn better.
The captain had the fastest response. He immediately said, "The spacecraft still has some reserve energy source. Would you like to see if there's anything you can use?"

The others seemed to have just woken from a dream and said one after another, "That's right! Why don’t you try and see if there’s anything you need?"

It seems like they've decided to treat Halls as the boss that could save them.

"I'll take a look." Halls said, then quickly added, "I'll pay for it."
"You don't have to be so polite..." The captain said while leading him to the storage room.
Only then did the Alpha actor stand up straight, "How brazen..."

"Shh." The others hurriedly said.

The Alpha actor was even more dissatisfied, "Although Meili Bank is very powerful, how many fans does he have? I'll immediately post about his disgusting conduct on the Starnet once we get out... Can he do whatever he pleases just because he's a capitalist? That water doesn't belong to him!" As he spoke, he couldn't help but turn to look in Qin Yi's direction again.

By then, Qin Yi had already quietly retreated. Only his figure was visible.

The Alpha actor's gaze landed on his figure, but he quickly shifted it away as though he had been scalded.

"What's wrong? Don't be angry anymore." Someone on the side comforted him.

"Nothing." It's just that he really can't see through this Beta.

"Alright, alright. Let's just consider this matter over and done with. We don't need to fight with the people from the Gladstone family, don't you think so?" They were trying their best to console him.

The sounds also gradually subsided.

Qin Yi was truly tired. He had almost used up all of an Omega's physical strength from his trip of leaving and returning to the spacecraft.

When he returned to the dorm for extras, he came face to face with the staff that always cared for him.

"I heard from the rest that you went out of the spacecraft; you really have great courage..."

"You're not injured, are you?"

"No, thank you for your concern." Qin Yi answered faintly. He turned and got onto the bed and raised his hand to close the capsule door.
The staff lingered outside the capsule for a while before turning to leave.

Since they were both in the same position as the lowest-ranked crew members, he originally thought that if he could show that he cared for Kilia, maybe his fantasies of the great beauty might just come true.

But now it seems like... he doesn't understand Kilia at all. She was obviously just a female Beta and just an extra, but it was as if there was a chasm separating them.

Qin Yi had a good rest. He didn't bother to care about where that heir of Meili Bank rested, the one whose name was so long he couldn't remember what it was.

It was until he arrived at the hall again.

The people on the spacecraft had already silently taken the youth as their leader. Everyone sat around the youth while he stated, "Everyone will be split into three teams now. The first team will be responsible for finding edible items and bringing them back to the spacecraft; the second team is responsible for searching for traces of human life. We can't contact the outside world with our communicators, but we can use the spacecraft as the base station for the purpose of an internal communication channel. Please inform me immediately once you find other trails; the third team will be stationed on the spacecraft..."

All the people present were listening seriously. Even the Alpha actor who was humiliated a day before also didn't express any dissatisfaction.

Was this what they meant when they said money talks? Qin Yi blinked lightly.
Halls noticed Qin Yi's arrival long ago. He could faintly smell something sweet before Qin Yi had even approached.

It was the same smell from his dream last night. There was a faint smell lingering in his nose, and it seemed like there were a pair of hands whose fingertips gently touched his heart. This kind of feeling was foreign to Halls, but it had attractiveness to it.
Halls tried his best to suppress his body's instincts. Only when he had finished talking did he turn around to look at the 'lady'.
The director and captain started working together and began assigning teams to everyone.
Just then, someone whom Qin Yi was unfamiliar with spoke up, "Kilia, are you stationed here? Or will you be going out with everyone else?"

Qin Yi shot the other party a look. He seemed to be one of the film casts, what was his name again? Forget it... he couldn't remember it at all.

Qin Yi nodded, "I'll go search for food."
The actor immediately looked at Halls. It was as though he suspected Halls would be partial to Qin Yi.
But something flickered in Halls' gaze, "Mn, I'll also be searching the surrounding area for signs of human life."

The other party stopped talking, his expression looking a little strange.
Only when everyone had gotten off the spacecraft one after another did Qin Yi hear him chat with another actor in a low tone, "I thought she would receive preferential treatment from Mr. Gladstone. She was the one who brought Mr. Gladstone back, after all."
"So, it seems like she's nothing special."
"Ha, are you having thoughts on Mr. Gladstone?"
"Who wouldn't want to hang onto someone so wealthy?"
"But you're not half as good-looking as Kilia..."

Qin Yi: "..."
He really couldn't remember the youth's name, and only managed to conclude that they were talking about the mech's owner based on the context.

Qin Yi jumped off the spacecraft and didn't bother turning back to listen in on their conversation.

"Hm?" Qin Yi looked up and found the youth standing there waiting for him.

Halls didn't say anything. He simply took out his dragon mech in silence and showed it to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi looked down. The dragon mech laid on his palm and raised its head.

Because it had shrunk to the size of a hand, its head will naturally be bigger than a lychee ball. It looked as though it could be picked up with just a gentle pinch.

Hence, the icy cold mech didn't look scary. In contrast, it even looked a little cute.

"Has it recharged its energy?" Qin Yi asked curiously.

Halls: "No. ...But it can change its form."

Qin Yi raised his hand and gently scratched it, "Can it recover to the size I saw that day?"

Halls: "Mn."

Qin Yi knew very little about bio mechs. It was more accurate to say that he had little knowledge at all on mechs.

He acquired most of his knowledge with great difficulty from various places. But he truly liked mechs. If he had to rank them, his love for mechs will probably only be behind chasing his dream of working in the entertainment industry.

"Then can I sit in it like a normal mech once it turns bigger?" Qin Yi asked again out of curiosity.
Halls didn't know why but he suddenly stammered, "It and I, we’re bound together.."

Qin Yi: ?

Qin Yi: "Mn, I know it's bound to you."

Halls: "..."

His mind wandered off for a few seconds.

——Perhaps the 'lady' in front of him has never properly attended a mech or gender class.

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