IM6A Chapter 18.2: Father-in-Law

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Qin Yi: ?

Why did he stop talking?

Qin Yi: "If sitting inside isn't an option, are there other ways to play with it?"

Halls snapped back to reality, "...There is." He paused, then continued, "You don't have to enter the control room when it comes to a bio mech. You can try to directly connect to it mentally from the outside, and then command it to fight."

Qin Yi finished it off softly, "So, whatever I imagine it to be, it will change into whatever I want it to become."

Halls: "Yes."

That was the most fascinating thing about a bio mech.

Before this, Halls would have never thought that there would be a Beta who would discuss these things with him.
Qin Yi: "How interesting."

At this moment, someone from the other end shouted, "Mr. Gladstone!"
Halls put away his dragon mech and swiftly turned to make his way up.

The captain who was guarding the door of the spacecraft sighed softly.
It was indeed pretty interesting. This thing known as a bio mech consumed two-thirds of the spacecraft's reserve energy source with the first bite, then Halls stopped it from taking a second bite.
It's too difficult, wu wu wu.

Halls headed towards the front, "What's the matter?"
"Can you see if this thing, if this thing is a snake..."
Halls looked down at it, his gaze icy, "..."
"It's a branch."
He resisted calling the person an 'idiot'.
This group of people was indeed too stupid and noob, making others feel impatient when they looked at them.

When Halls looked back, he realized he had gone way ahead of others.

"Mr. Gladstone..." The other party spoke up awkwardly. "Shall we continue going forward together?"
It was apparent that the other party wanted to group up with him, thinking it would be safer that way.

Halls came to a stop for about half a minute. The color white didn't appear in front of his eyes. Kilia didn't follow him.

She had never even entertained the idea of following me in the first place...
Halls turned back. He lowered his gaze and said impatiently, "Go by yourself."

The other party looked at Halls and trembled unconsciously. He could only walk away by himself unwillingly.

Qin Yi had left in another direction long ago. Most of the people in the crew knew each other and immediately formed their own teams after being assigned different tasks. As a result, there may be more people going in some directions while other directions that didn't look as safe practically had no one.
He didn't want anyone with him. This way, he can use the mech instead of walking if he gets tired while on the way. Letting the mech take his place for five minutes is also a good thing.

The grass on this side was even thicker. But Qin Yi walked in a relatively relaxed manner as he had some prior experience.
The walk lasted half an hour. Just when Qin Yi thought that there wasn't an end to the grass, he stepped out and entered a completely different world.

In front of him was a mountain towering over everything else. He could hardly see the top when he looked up at it. When he looked to the side, the mountains seemed to stretch infinitely to no end.

The mountains covered the sky, and he could only vaguely see the outline of the rock formations and the black luster of those rocks.

This scene would feel extremely oppressive in the eyes of most people. They will probably suddenly feel fear.

But in any case, he got to see a new kind of scenery, Qin Yi thought to himself. His expression didn't change in the slightest.

He took out his mech and sat inside. He then tried lifting the mechanical arm to touch the mountain wall.

Hm? The mountain wall seemed to have trembled a little.

Qin Yi tried it once more.


There seemed to be a bigger movement this time.

This mountain... is alive?! Only then did Qin Yi's expression change. But he still didn't get nervous.

He curled up the mechanical arm and tried to assume a defensive posture... However, he discovered in the next second that he couldn't retract the mechanical arm.
Qin Yi made three more attempts, but the mechanical arm still couldn't be retracted, as if it was being bitten by something.

He could even faintly hear sounds of 'ka' and 'cha' that were similar to the sounds of biting and chewing.

Qin Yi instantly jumped out of the mech. He had to see for himself what exactly that thing was.

Was his mech the one that got bitten?


It was his money that got bitten! And his little sweetheart!

As soon as Qin Yi went down, he noticed the mechanical arm had retracted. Right at this moment, two balls could be seen floating in mid-air in the dim surroundings. They directly faced him.

The inside of the 'balls' was golden-colored and enclosed by green. There was an ice-cold touch to it.
That was a pair of eyes belonging to some kind of beast, for it had vertical pupils.

A gust of wind hit his face. The head that those eyes belonged to approached him abruptly.
Qin Yi drew out his energy sword, preparing to strike. The head bit the tip of the sword while the sword stabbed a hole into its lower jaw. However, it seemed to have not felt anything and moved forward stupidly, helping Qin Yi.
It's even better now. The sword thrust even deeper inside.
Qin Yi: ???
The sword was probably stuck in its throat now. The hilt of the sword was stuck in its head.

Qin Yi then felt the back of his hand go cold... the head had licked him. It then quickly retracted its tongue and smacked its lips as if enjoying the aftertaste. It then stuck out its tongue again.
Qin Yi slowly adapted to the darkness around him. He could also finally see the head's tongue clearly. It was a long and thin forked tongue.
It was a snake's tongue.

Qin Yi almost immediately thought of the python that fought with the dragon mech.
Ah... did he pick up the snake?
Other than licking the back of Qin Yi's hand nonstop with great determination, the python didn't have any other excessive movements.

After confirming that it was harmless, Qin Yi slowly stretched his hand out and touched its head. He then stroked its jaw before moving back to its head...
While this was happening, a conscientious young man wearing black slacks walked in the grass. His top was missing, revealing his toned muscles. Despite this, he still looked elegant and calm.

However, he suddenly crashed and fell while walking.

"..." The man shook his head. He pressed down on the ground, using it to support himself as he slowly sat up.

Who touched his mech?
Was it Halls?
Halls not only found him so quickly but also had made a full recovery?
Just when the man thought of this, he was pressed down hard. Then came a strange and shocking feeling he had never experienced before.
The sharp pain he felt disappeared from his brain in an instant and at the same time, it was accompanied by a pleasure that seemed to have risen from the depths of his soul... like a person who had craved for water for too long before finally getting it. Like those people who finally tasted sweets after craving dopamine. Like the people who finally walked out of their dark prison cells after longing for the sunlight...
Pain was pleasure.
How ridiculous.
This was a feeling he had never experienced before since the day he was born.
It was as though an angel and a devil had cast a spell on him at the same time.
What exactly... did Halls do...
There was an awkward expression on the man’s face.
With a lot of effort, he stood up and quickly continued to walk along the path.
He was going to kill Halls. The man's eyes were a little bloodshot before turning completely red.
Meanwhile, Qin Yi managed to loosen the sword hilt. And just like that, the snake tongue stopped in midair. It shook its head twice as if it had lost its initial intentions.
Even if its behavior was more like a living creature, he knew it was only a mech in nature.
Qin Yi tilted his head and said softly, "You can't lick it anymore. The skin will come off."
Its tongue was icy cold. An Omega's skin was delicate and couldn't take the licks repeatedly.
"Who?" Qin Yi suddenly turned his head. He heard the grass move.
With how dark the surroundings were, Qin Yi could only see a tall and thin adult male around 1.9 meters tall standing there.
At the same time, the man also sized up Qin Yi.

He couldn't see the other person's face clearly, but he could faintly make out their white long dress and their slim figure that somehow brought out a tall and upright feeling.

And also... the strong smell of the other's pheromones.

That was an Omega, not Halls.

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