IM6A Chapter 18.3: Father-in-Law

Updated: Sep 14

Is he currently in heat? The man thought.
How could such a strong pheromone smell leak out otherwise? Not only that, but the smell was too sweet... It was so sweet that the pleasure that rose from the depths of the soul swiftly made an appearance once more, and it was even more intense than before.
Qin Yi narrowed his eyes slightly. The other party didn't move, as though they were trying their best to resist something.

This is bad. It seems like the other party is a powerful maniac

Qin Yi initiated a conversation, "Hello, I'm Kilia. My spacecraft broke down and we made an emergency landing here. May I know if you're a native of this place?"

The man's throat bobbed, "...No." He looked to the side, only to see his mech with an energy sword stabbed into its huge head.
The man: "..."
An Omega could possess this kind of strength?
At this time, the python also turned around. Its tongue was still out but because there was an energy sword in its mouth, it couldn't close its mouth no matter how hard it tried.

Its mouth opened and closed. In the end, it could only make sounds at the man.
The man: "..."
He now felt that it wasn't the Omega who stabbed the sword into the mech. It was more likely that his mech malfunctioned without any reason and opened its mouth, happily swallowing the sword.
The man had a slight headache. Could it be that this thing had been stored in the Alliance's warehouse for too long until it spoiled?

But the man quickly reverted to his polite self and asked softly, "My apologies. Did my mech scare you?"
Qin Yi nodded gently, his expression unchanging, "Mn, yes."

So, will there be compensation?

"Then, may I know if the energy sword is yours?" The man asked.

Qin Yi: "Yes."
The man stepped forward, preparing to take the sword out, but he suddenly staggered and almost fell to the ground in front of the other party.

The man: "..."

He thought the Omega's pheromones may have affected him.

Fortunately, he had always been very tenacious.

The man managed to stay rooted to his spot with great effort. He then raised his hand and grabbed the sword's hilt, swiftly drawing it out.

The python's huge mouth twitched for a moment. It quickly closed its mouth and its upper half of body laid down.

Its body almost seemed to have become one with the mountain.

Qin Yi gave it a look and thought how it wasn't a surprise that he didn't realize there was a python lying on the mountain.

The man turned around and returned the energy sword back to Qin Yi before saying, "Sorry. I'll compensate you for all your losses."

He paused, then asked, "May I know where your spacecraft is? If it's convenient, can you share some food and water?"

The reason why he was walking around just now was to look for food and water. In the end, he was forced to return first before he could even find any.

"I’ll give you a monetary reward." The man stopped talking halfway through. He suddenly remembered the other party was just an Omega.

"If it isn't convenient for you to bring it to me, I can go back with you and leave after taking the supplies."

The man couldn't help but be distracted when he thought up to this point.

That's right. How did an Omega walk all the way here alone?

Or are there any other Alphas nearby?

There was alertness in the man's eyes which he masked before.

Qin Yi dragged the mech's mechanical arm unhurriedly and showed him the damage.

Qin Yi: "Then please compensate for this loss first."

At this time, the python that was lying on the ground pushed itself forward. Just like that, it moved all the way to Qin Yi's feet.

Qin Yi: ?

The python stuck out his tongue again and licked Qin Yi's leg.

Qin Yi: ?

Qin Yi lifted his dress up and said, "Look, your mech has bitten my stockings again." He didn't blush at all.

The man stopped. He looked at Qin Yi, stupefied, then looked down at the python's head.

An inconceivable and horrifying thought suddenly popped up in his head.

Was the reason his mech got stabbed through because it had met the other party head-on and tried its best to move forward and surround him, before licking the back of the Omega’s hand?

The man instinctively pictured the scene in his mind. His limbs stiffened for a moment and his body seemed to have heated up due to the excessive shock and humiliation he felt.

He had never done such a disgraceful thing before and yet, his mech did it.

It even bit the other party's stockings until it tore... the man's eyelids kept twitching. He instinctively pictured the scene in his mind again——the fair and tender skin under the hemline.

Qin Yi raised his hand, "And the back of my hand hurts a little too."

The man knows exactly how fragile an Omega is.

So, moving on, it can be said that the Omega was simply 'tortured' by his mech and suffered greatly.

The man's tone was slightly embarrassed, "Sorry, I'll compensate you for all these losses. 100 million dollars, do you think you can accept it?"

Qin Yi quickly withdrew his hand and smiled gently, "Mn, I accept."

He turned and walked to the front to lead the way, "Then, you can go back with me to the spacecraft now."

Only then did the man become calm again. He softly hummed in response and followed Qin Yi. He also kept the mech.

The man was clearly much more of a gentleman than Halls. He pushed aside the grass without Qin Yi needing to speak up, allowing Qin Yi to walk ahead with ease.

Step by step, they finally got out of the shadow cast by the huge mountains that were enveloping them.

The sky got brighter bit by bit. The rays landed on Qin Yi's body as though covering him in a dreamlike coat.

And right at this moment, the man could finally see the Omega's face clearly.

He was very tall. Probably around 182 to 183 cm tall.

But the man felt that she wasn't a female Omega, but more like a male Omega.

Men in women's clothing and women in men's clothing aren't uncommon these days. Besides, there were many male Omegas who naturally liked to wear those kinds of fluffy princess dresses. He had seen many in the Alliance.

On the other side, in the spacecraft.

"Have you finished counting the number of people?"

"Other than the bodyguards who have never come back, there's two people missing." The director said tensely.

"Who?" Someone on the side asked.

While Halls felt that there wasn't a need to ask.

...Kilia's missing.
Halls walked to the spacecraft's cabin door.

Someone immediately asked in a panic, "Mr. Gladstone! Are you going to look for them?"

Halls looked down, only to see the grass separating in the middle slowly. This scene was very similar... to when he had walked behind Kilia. They had also approached the spacecraft slowly in that manner.

But this time, the person behind the 'lady' had changed.

That was a young Alpha who was shamelessly revealing his naked upper body and wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. An Alpha who still wore glasses in this era was either very poor or simply useless. They wouldn't have the ability that an Alpha should have.

Halls thought he must be a poor and useless waste.

They were getting closer and closer. The people on the spacecraft could also see them clearly now.

They let out a cry of surprise.

"My god!"

"Kilia brought someone back again!"

"Is he a recycling bin?"

Halls: ?

Halls turned his head to the voice coldly.

The person who spoke instantly bit his tongue with fear, then hurriedly tried to explain himself.

“Sorry, I’m really sorry, Mr. Gladstone. I was talking nonsense just now. I didn’t think before speaking…” He stammered.

Right at this moment, the captain let out an even louder cry of surprise.
"My god! My eyes aren't tricking me, right? That's... that's... that's Zheng Yi'an!"

There wasn't anyone who was a stranger to this name. However, they were all dazed and in shock, not being able to believe it at all.
"Zheng Yi'an? Mr. Zheng Yi'an, the Alliance's diplomat? How can this be? How can Mr. Zheng Yi'an be stranded here?"
"Ahem. Even Mr. Gladstone appeared here. It isn't surprising that a diplomat from the Alliance also appeared here..."
Halls didn't make a single sound. His eyes were on the man behind Qin Yi.


Right when their eyes met, they can feel the coldness and hostility that both of them had for each other seeping into their skins...
Beiman Star.
A group of people were amid contacting Beiman Star's sheriff's office. Zhou Yiqing was currently sitting inside the sheriff's office. He listened to the voice from the other end expressionlessly.
"We can't subdue him."

"This Alpha was surprisingly strong..."

"Sheriff, what should we do?"
The highest-ranked officer in Beiman Star looked at Zhou Yiqing with great embarrassment. According to the rule, generals of other countries couldn't take action in the Limu Empire. It will be viewed as a provocation once they take action. Moreover, General Zhou was also very cooperative. Even if he wanted to capture someone, he didn't hastily take action in their territory.

But now, the embarrassing part has come...
None of Beiman Star's soldiers and generals could capture that Alpha!
He could only lower his head weakly and say, "General Zhou, you should do it yourself..."
Zhou Yiqing stood up slowly and boarded the spacecraft.
The street has already been completely emptied. Most of the Alphas on Beiman Star collapsed on the ground when Zhou Yiqing got off the spacecraft.
And on the outermost area, there were some well-equipped Alphas who surrounded the area in a circle solemnly.

There was a tall and lean male Alpha whose body was completely painted in black in the middle of the circle.

Several Betas were standing on the side and giving him shouts of encouragement, "Boss, keep it up!"

"Boss, just you alone are enough! Go! Snatch your wife back!"

The Alpha's eyelids fluttered impatiently, then he lifted his gaze towards Zhou Yiqing.
"You finally came." He sneered.
Zhou Yiqing: "Where's Qin Yi?"
Lu Ji: "Where's Zhou Yi?"
Both spoke almost at the same time.
They stared blankly at each other for a moment, then spoke at the same time again.
"Who's Zhou Yi?"
"Who's Qin Yi?"
Their expressions suddenly turned weird.