IM6A Chapter 19.1: The Peace Loving Mr. Zheng

Zhou Yiqing: "..."
It was dead silent.

The soldiers behind Zhou Yiqing, Lu Ji's subordinates, and even Beiman Star's officials and soldiers...
Their eyes all collectively widened.
You still have this kind of relationship?

As the saying goes, be courteous first before resorting to force.
Lu Ji addressed him politely without caring whether General Zhou would accept it or not. In any case, Zhou Yiqing's attitude was not of importance to him. Lu Ji thought for a moment and his eyes turned cold.

"We can talk in detail regarding the question of whether Zhou Yi will be staying or leaving." Lu Ji came on strongly.
Zhou Yiqing listened to everything Lu Ji said in silence.

At this moment, second-in-command Ji Yang almost couldn't resist the urge to say, 'Our General's fiancée had already run away, so where did a son or daughter of his come from to marry you?'

But Zhou Yiqing calmly said, "Then I'll like to ask Mr. Lu to cooperate. Let's talk in another place."
Ji Yang could only swallow his words and say to Lu Ji respectfully, "Please follow me."

Beiman Star's people were criticizing them in their hearts.

If only we knew early on that the two of you had some kinship. Why did you let us Limu Empire people go up one by one to get beaten?

But their complaints were of no use, and they could only wait for Zhou Yiqing and leave together with him.

Half an hour later.

The sheriff's office in Beiman Star was temporarily requisitioned. Zhou Yiqing and Lu Ji sat facing each other.

They were two strong Alphas. The pheromones they unknowingly emitted had seemingly formed an invisible wall. Others couldn't insert themselves in at all.

One will feel slight discomfort even just by being a little closer.
Zhou Yiqing turned on his communicator and took out the information sent to him from the Qin family before showing it to Lu Ji. There was a youth in the photo whose eyes were slightly lowered. He had beautiful features and gentle temperament.
"His name is Qin Yi." Zhou Yiqing said.
Lu Ji: "..."
Lu Ji caught onto the inconsistencies very quickly and swiftly understood the main point.
Zhou Yiqing expressionlessly added, "He's currently my fiancée in name."

Lu Ji: "..."

He didn't even need to catch onto the main point this time. The truth was revealed directly.

The sound of something being crushed could be heard. The soldiers in the distance saw Lu Ji crushing the handrail that was beside him. This strong Alpha then frowned, his expression warped, before laughing coldly.

What f--king illegitimate son!

What f–king Zhou Yiqing being his biological dad!

The feeling of calling his f--king love rival father-in-law!

Sure enough, he still has to kill Zhou Yiqing!

Lu Ji curled his fingers tightly. Shame, anger, and murderous intentions flashed in his eyes but were suppressed in an instant.

He said coldly, "He's not with me. I thought General Zhou was the one who took him away, maybe... we should cross-check with each other the information we know."

Zhou Yiqing took off his gloves, his expression cold, "Of course."

On the other end, Lu Xing was murmuring, "I thought they were going to fight? So, they're not fighting after all?"

Lu Ji's other subordinates also started talking, "Ai, what do you know? Even if he can't get used to it, that's sister-in-law's biological dad!"

Ji Yang couldn't help it anymore, "Our general isn’t married."

"We know, isn't this about his illegitimate son?"

Ji Yang was a little taken aback. For a moment, he even suspected that the general who usually seemed to be neat, upright, and serious would, in his private affairs, be so unexpectedly…?

That's right, the general only said he wouldn't marry.

He never said anything about not having a child!

No can do... Ji Yang suppressed his thoughts in time. How can I assume things about the general like this?

"Why does the boss' face look so terrible?" Lu Xing suddenly said again.

Ji Yang looked at where he was referring to. The general's face also looked pretty terrible too. It's my first time seeing him look like that... he thought. What on earth was going on? Ji Yang was so curious that he became a little impatient.

"He duped you." Zhou Yiqin said calmly.

"..." Lu Ji said in return, "He also tricked you."

Zhou Yiqing: "..."

A person called Zhou Yi doesn't exist in this world, and Zhou Yiqing doesn't have an illegitimate son.

There's only Qin Yi, the fiancée from PanDa Star that was sent to Zhou Yiqing by his family.

Lu Ji cursed from the bottom of his heart.

Qin Yi wasn't kidnapped either. Saving the little Omega from the pirate's den was only Zhou Yiqing's wishful thinking.

Just like how he didn't want to get married, the little Omega also felt the same and opposed him even more strongly. For that, the little Omega drew up a beautiful escape plan and even schemed against the famous pirate leader.

If it wasn't for Lu Ji whose heart moved for Qin Yi, leading him to cause an earth-shattering change by opening his mouth and saying that word, thus destroying all of Qin Yi's plans, this plan would have continued, and only be exposed a long time later.

Should he praise the Omega for being so clever and bold? Or should he be enraged at the Omega for fooling them? These thoughts were running in Zhou Yiqing’s mind.

The two men sat together for quite some time, their expressions ghastly. Finally, Zhou Yiqing spoke up first, “Since Mr. Lu has sorted everything out and he isn’t the Zhou Yi you’re looking for, I’d like to get Mr. Lu to provide us the information on the last time you’ve seen him. You can leave after doing so.”

Lu Ji raised his eyebrows and sneered, "Is it his name that I like? No, what I like is him as a person. Why does it matter whether he's Zhou Yi or not?"

Zhou Yiqing didn't think that letting Qin Yi and the pirate leader in front of him be together was a good thing for the Omega.

Hence, he emphasized in a low voice, "He's my fiancée."

Lu Ji: "But he didn't want to marry you. He ran away before even reaching Capital Star. General Zhou, he doesn't like you."

Zhou Yiqing: "..."

Zhou Yiqing: "He also ran away from you. Mr. Lu, he doesn't like you too."

Lu Ji: "..."

Both Alphas sat facing each other with ugly expressions for another half a minute.

Peng peng peng!

With three consecutive loud noises, everyone stared in bewilderment as the teapots, cups, and vases in front and behind them, all exploded collectively.

The fragments were blown up and scattered everywhere. Only faint bloodstains were left on their skin.

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