IM6A Chapter 19.2: The Peace Loving Mr. Zheng

Everyone calmed down again after the explosion.

This time, Lu Ji spoke first, "I want to search for him together with General Zhou. If General Zhou isn't willing to cooperate, then he'll not be able to get more information from me."

Zhou Yiqing replied calmly, "Sure."

The two made eye contact but were unable to pry any information from the other's eyes.

However, their thoughts at the same were almost the same——

Find Qin Yi. Once the other party loses their value, they'll be killed.

After this long conversation ended, the two men got up together. The natural aura of suppression that belonged to Alphas was also slowly withdrawn.

"Boss, how was it? Did this General Zhou clarify where sister-in-law went?"

"No." The corner of Lu Ji's mouth twitches. His face looked sharp, and he didn't seem too happy.

"Then, what now?"

"Will be looking for him with Zhou Yiqing."

"Ah, so it wasn't General Zhou who kidnapped him. Then how did your talk with General Zhou go? Did he recognize you? You'll be able to get married once we find sister-in-law, right?"

TL/n: Fart is the direct translation, but bullshit is more suitable.

The subordinate rubbed his head awkwardly and couldn't help but ask, "Boss, are you not in a good mood?"

Lu Ji: "Hng."

The subordinate: "You're probably not in a good mood, right? Ai, we'll definitely be able to find sister-in-law. Once we find him..."

He hadn't even finished speaking before Lu Ji clenched his teeth and continued, "Once we find him, I'll f--king take off his pants first..."

The subordinate: ?

The subordinate blushed and thought in his heart, 'Boss, this probably isn't too good. I'm afraid I'm not qualified enough to hear this, but if you insist on saying it, then it's not like I can't hear it...'

Lu Ji: "And spank his ass."

The subordinate: ???

On the other side, Ji Yang also met up with Zhou Yiqing and immediately asked, "General, what exactly is going on? That Lu Ji, he..."

Zhou Yiqing answered coldly, "Qin Yi's pursuer."

Ji Yang: "F--k! Your fiancée, he also dared to covet..."

Not only did he dare to covet.

Zhou Yiqing suspected that the reason why Qin Yi slipped away so fast was that if he was one step late, Lu Ji would've planned to marry Qin Yi there.

"Then, then what's the whole issue with the father-in-law?"

"Qin Yi's alias is Zhou Yi."

"Zhou...?" Ji Yang murmured, "Don't tell me, he gave himself an identity and said he was your illegitimate child?"

A complicated look flashed in Zhou Yiqing's eyes, and he replied, "Mn."

Ji Yang: "..."

Ji Yang: "This little Omega is really f--king amazing."

He no longer doubted the words of the Beta soldiers from PanDa Star. It was him who was too short-sighted.

Zhou Yiqing's footsteps stopped. He said softly after a few seconds, "Mn, he's indeed a little amazing."

This Omega refreshes the understanding and knowledge he has about him again and again.

Whenever Zhou Yiqing thought the other had found himself in a predicament, it was simply him creating another illusion and fooling him again.

This time, Zhou Yiqing truly wanted to see the other party and take a closer look at this little Omega who had just become an adult.

He retrieved the pink gem from his pocket, grasped it between his fingers, and turned it around.


On a distant, unknown Star.

Qin Yi had also just heard the sound of their discussions clearly.

Zheng Yi'an?!

That... Zheng Yi'an, who was one of the six Alphas that appeared in the matching results?

Qin Yi: "..."

What excellent luck I have.

Forget it.

For the sake of the 100 million.

Qin Yi looked back at Zheng Yi'an with a smile. He swiftly determined the personality and behavioral pattern of the man in front of him.

As someone who's a diplomat from the Alliance, he's definitely easily skeptical, calculating, and shrewd. Qin Yi associated him with these labels first.

And on this side, Zheng Yi'an moved his gaze away from Halls after a momentary pause.

He shot a small smile at the people on the spacecraft, "Mn, I'm Zheng Yi'an. My spacecraft had experienced a sudden failure and landed here. I didn't expect to meet all of you who are in the same situation as me. Maybe we can exchange information with each other and leave this Star as soon as possible."

Halls: "..."

You should put on your clothes first before talking so pretentiously.

Instead, other people were overwhelmed by the unexpected flattery and shouted, "Sure, sure! Mr. Zheng, please get onto the spacecraft first before continuing your words."

Zheng Yi'an looked at Qin Yi, "Please go first,"

Everyone immediately looked at Qin Yi with a complicated expression as soon as they heard it.

The captain skillfully lowered the spare ladder again, "We were just talking about why you have yet to come back. So, it turns out you had been delayed..."

Qin Yi only replied softly, "Mn."

Zheng Yi'an couldn't help but cast another glance at him.

He didn't mention anything about him seeing a mountain, why?

This Omega was shrouded in mysteries.

Zheng Yi'an hasn't even figured out how the Omega could walk so far away by himself and encounter his python mech.

Zheng Yi'an's feelings weren't revealed in the slightest bit. He smiled and stretched his hand, "I'll help you up."

Halls glanced at him before suddenly bending down and stretching a hand towards Qin Yi, "Hold on."

The people on the spacecraft could vaguely sense that the atmosphere wasn't quite right.

At this moment, the director was also eager to perform. He hurriedly crouched down, stretched out his hand too, and shouted to Qin Yi, "Kilia, quickly, hold my and Mr. Gladstone's hand..."

Qin Yi funnily tilted his head, then raised his hand and started climbing the ladder. He didn't wait for Zheng Yi'an to move and had already gracefully jumped up. Then, raising his other hand, he firmly grabbed the director's hand and pulled on it with considerable force.

The director's face changed, and he almost got dragged down. Fortunately, he managed to grab the edge of the cabin door in time and stabilize himself.

By the time he came back to his senses, Qin Yi had already finished borrowing his strength and returned to the spacecraft.

Zheng Yi'an didn't get the chance to move.

Halls' hand also stretched out in vain.

The director sighed in relief and thought, Kilia is pretty good at taking hints and knows not to trouble the honorable Mr. Zheng Yi'an and Mr. Gladstone.

It's no big deal for me to be inconvenienced as long as I can sell a favor.

The director thought about it for some time and when he turned around again, Zheng Yi'an was already in the spacecraft.

Both his and Halls' gaze landed on the director almost at the same time.

Both were extremely powerful Alphas and the feeling of being their focus wasn't pleasant. The director swallowed his saliva unconsciously.

Could it be that I did something wrong? That shouldn't be the case...

Kilia rejected Halls and yet, had held his hand alone. Kilia treated him specially.

These thoughts flew past Zheng Yi'an's head, and he took note of the director in front of him.

This time, it was the Alpha actor who contributed a set of clothes to Zheng Yi'an. It was a black suit that also could fit around any body size at will.

Zheng Yi'an instantly restored the elegant demeanor of a diplomat that everyone had once seen after he had changed his clothes and walked out.

Everyone was extremely excited. This was because, in the past, a person of such ranking was something they would never be able to see in their whole lives but now, they could see him at such close range!

Zheng Yi'an's gaze swept over everyone, directly ignoring the desires written all over their faces before finally landing back on Qin Yi.

There wasn't any unnecessary expression on the Omega's face and it seemed that he didn't even feel the slightest surprise at his identity.

Halls walked to Qin Yi right at this moment.

"Come here." He spoke.

Zheng Yi'an chimed in calmly, "Mr. Gladstone, was it?"

He obviously recognized Halls, but Halls probably didn't know that he was the one controlling the python mech. Hence, he has to continue the act and call him by the address the others had used.

Zheng Yi'an: "You should use the word 'please'."

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