IM6A Chapter 19.3: The Peace Loving Mr. Zheng

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Halls' face darkened. He didn't like the Alliance very much.

Especially at this time, for the Alliance's diplomat to show up here... it was very suspicious. Yet, Kilia brought Zheng Yi'an back, just like how she had brought him back.

His father had repeatedly scolded Zheng Yi'an in the past, calling him a hypocritical bastard.

Now, it seems like that was indeed the truth.

Was Zheng Yi'an trying to make it seem like he wasn't polite enough in front of Kilia?

While in this brief silence, everyone faintly felt again that the atmosphere wasn't right.

The director spoke up, "Kilia, hurry up, didn't you hear Mr. Gladstone calling you? Go and talk to Mr. Gladstone first." He attempted to mediate.

Halls turned, "It's not your place to talk here."

The director was stunned.

Halls then looked at Zheng Yi'an and said in a deep voice, "And you."

Qin Yi's eyes shifted, and he caught sight of the dragon mech hiding in Halls' pocket. It seemed restless and eager to take action.


Don't go.

The energy source of Zheng Yi’an’s mech is full while yours isn't even half full.

Qin Yi simply stood up without any hesitation and smiled, "Let's go."

He has to keep this youth that he couldn't even remember the name of. It would be extremely troublesome if the spacecraft turns into Zheng Yi'an's one-man show.

Halls' eyes shifted back to Qin Yi's face. The 'lady' in front of him was smiling at him in a dignified manner, without a hint of embarrassment or fear.

Halls pressed down on the dragon mech in his pocket and shot one last cold look at Zheng Yi'an before finally following Qin Yi and walking to the dining hall together.

He'd rather kill one by mistake than let one go.
TL/n: Meaning he would kill someone regardless of whether they're innocent or guilty rather than let a potential offender escape.

Deplete Zheng Yi'an's energy source, then kill him while leaving. It seems to be a pretty good option.

Zheng Yi'an's expression changed, and he stared at Qin Yi's figure. Halls' attitude towards the Omega doesn't seem to be of the normal kind. Maybe he could use the Omega and kill off Halls completely.

These two completely didn't know that the thoughts in their mind were the same.

Qin Yi walked into the dining hall. He scanned his surroundings first to confirm there was no one else nearby.

"I have something to say to you."

The two said to each other almost at the same time.

She has something to say to me... Halls was stunned, and a part of the unhappiness he felt from being provoked by Zheng Yi'an dispersed.

Hence, his arrogance disappeared in a rare show of restraint and he said softly, "Mn, you say it."

"Your mech, has its energy source not recovered completely?"

"...No." Halls unconsciously pinched his fingertips.

She's still determined to sit inside my mech? I should probably let her attend two mech classes, shouldn't I? At least let her know that I will feel something if she sits inside my mech.

Qin Yi hooked his lips up into a smile, his face beaming.

For a moment, Halls felt as if he had caught a glimpse of the frivolous and gorgeous tint on her beautiful face.

"I'll bring you to have an energy source meal, let you eat until you're full."

Halls' thoughts returned, "...What?"

Qin Yi hooked a finger at him, beckoning him to come over.


How can such a gesture be used on the crown prince?

...It was like when his father had played with the dog.

Qin Yi: "Come here, I'll whisper it to you."

Halls lowered his head and got closer and closer. Such a sweet smell... Halls' mind went 'dong dong dong'. It was like a powerful pump had been stuffed into his head, and both his blood flow and heartbeat quickened.

What does she want to say? ...Pillow talk? Or the kind that can't be heard by others?

Qin Yi also smelled a little of the Alpha's scent.

The smell was warm and strong, and it was as though he was in a rose garden. Qin Yi's breath slowed down unconsciously, and he whispered, "I've discovered a mountain. There should be a large number of energy mines in the mountain..."

He needs to use the other party to restrain Zheng Yi'an after getting the 100 million dollars from him. Hence, the other party’s energy levels must return to the same level as Zheng Yi'an as soon as possible.

Halls was dazed for a moment. She even told this to just me alone unreservedly.

Qin Yi: "When night falls, I'll take you to it secretly."


Halls has never been a thief before. The entire Limu Kingdom belonged to him, and the people loved and supported him. He could get anything as long as his heart desires it...

Halls gulped and he replied, "Mn."

On the other hand, Zheng Yi'an readily learned about the current situation from others. The smile on his face became more and more relaxed.

"Don't worry, I'll think of a way to bring you out of this Star." He comforted everyone.

The Alpha actor was a little emotional when he heard that. He thought that the diplomat of the Alliance could completely suppress Gladstone’s arrogance. Although a diplomat is just a civil servant... Zheng Yi'an has always been able to accomplish many impossible feats and was famous all around the world!

For a while, everyone was extremely happy.

Zheng Yi'an was the only one who looked down unconcernedly. He knew that it was certainly impossible.

The Limu Empire's crown prince will die on this Star. It would be better for everyone who had seen him here to die along with him too. This matter wouldn't have been considered to have been wrapped up well if it causes an international dispute.

He dislikes fighting.

He loves peace.

The smile on Zheng Yi'an's face became stronger, then he froze for the next second.

Where's his mech?

"What's wrong with Mr. Zheng?"

At this moment, Qin Yi and Halls, who had just finished their chat, walked out one after another. Qin Yi quickly walked to Zheng Yi'an.

When he passed by Zheng Yi'an, Qin Yi grabbed the 'little snake' that had slithered into his sleeve. Isn't it just a snake after turning small?

Qin Yi held the little snake's head. He carried it gently and stuffed it into Zheng Yi'an's hand, "Mr. Zheng's belonging ran to my side again."

Zheng Yi'an only felt his fingers lightly brush against the other party's smooth skin. At the same time, a wave of Omega pheromones enveloped him intensely, but it was withdrawn the next moment.

It was just like a person who finally drank some water after being thirsty for so long, only to have it taken away a short while later. Then, isn't it better not to have tasted it from the beginning?

Zheng Yi'an's eyelids twitched. He was surprised at his unusual reaction. He turned his head and instead, met Halls' icy gaze.

The others looked at their complex and chaotic interaction that could not be understood at all in shock, their eyes revealing a little confusion.

Zheng Yi'an quickly calmed down and only smiled faintly.

At that time, the 'peace-loving' Mr. Zheng still didn't know that his base was about to be stolen.
TL/n: Pretty sure this is game terminology, referring to how other players from the enemy team B went to destroy team A's base while their players were away.

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