IM6A Chapter 2.1: 100% Match

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Qin Yi leaned against the chair and raised his eyes, giving Qin Yuan a look. He smiled gently, showing a trace of indifference.

“Well, I’ve always liked staying in the Qin family, so it’s fine. I don’t have to work, don’t have to get married, don’t have to run the family’s affairs, and I also won’t turn ugly from fatigue and giving birth to children. I could even keep spending the Qin family’s money… Uncle Yu, don’t you agree with me? Of course, a distinguished family like the Qin’s won’t let outsiders spread gossip, such as the stepmother mistreating the stepson once the biological mom died.”

Qin Yuan’s smile cracked on the spot.

He can’t help feeling that Qin Yi was alluding to his future of becoming ugly from fatigue and childbirth. He was far less beautiful than Qin Yi, so he often paid special attention to words like ‘beautiful’ and ‘ugly.’

Besides…. How could Qin Yi like staying in the Qin family? He’s actually not worried about not being able to get married! He even justified himself for trying to spend the Qin family’s money, and for a lifetime at that!

When Qin Yuan thought of Qin Yi living happily in satisfaction being a good-for-nothing, he felt an indescribable discomfort in his chest.

No… I can’t let this person stay in the Qin family.

I can’t let him get everything he wishes for.

Qin Yi’s stepmother was a male Omega called Yu Hong. When Yu Hong heard Qin Yi say this, he gave Qin Yi a deep look. He always felt that his stepson had a calculating mind and extraordinary means.

But how do the people around describe Qin Yi? They all say he was gentle, yielding, and even pitiful.

Yu Hong let out a smile. “Mn, of course. Xiao Yi’s physiological defects are from his mother’s womb, so what can we even do if he can’t match with any Alpha? The Qin family has a large household and a big business. It’s not like we can’t afford to raise our own children.” He paused. “And one more thing. With the current beauty aesthetic technology, you won’t become ugly from childbirth.”

Hearing this, Qin Yuan felt the big rock lodged in his chest loosened with great reluctance.
But he also tactfully stopped being sarcastic with Qin Yi, lest he ended up angering himself again.

The hovercar grew quiet all of a sudden. This silence lasted all the way to the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.


There were quite a number of hovercars parked outside the Civil Affairs Bureau. Alphas entered from one passage and Omegas entered from another. This was done to prevent people from losing control of their pheromones.

It was obvious that Yu Hong and the others were also called over by Father Qin. They didn’t dare to delay and quickly entered the testing hall with Qin Yi in tow.

The testing hall was supported by four pillars. Countless blue and silver lines climbed up the pillars, gathered on the ceiling, and hung down again, forming a huge match testing system in a glass cover.

He’s probably afraid of being humiliated further. Even if it was a well-known fact amongst the public that Qin Yi’s pheromones were defective, Father Qin was still doing his utmost to preserve his face, which was in danger of being humiliated.

Hence, with the exception of the Qin family members in the hall, everyone else who came for the testing was waiting temporarily in another room.

“Uncle, do I need to take the test too?” Qin Yuan asked weakly.

He has always been able to attract Alphas since he was young, so he knows the result even without testing. The test was simply just to help them filter Alphas with higher matching percentages.

“Wait first.” Father Qin didn’t even look at him and only said to Qin Yi, “Qin Yi, come here.”
Qin Yuan thought it was really a pity. If we get our tests first and get Qin Yi to test after, he will definitely feel more attacked when we compare the data that way.

But that didn’t matter anymore… Qin Yi’s result was basically set in stone already. For all these years, he had never attracted a single Alpha before… What kind of bad genes did his birth mother carry for her to give birth to a child with such a serious defect!

Over at Qin Yi’s side, he walked at a steady pace to the front of the system. The system sensed that someone was standing near it, and a mechanical prompt immediately rang out, “Please put both hands into the red slot in front after wearing the testing helmet.” Father Qin stared at him.

Even if the matching percentage is only 0.01%.

Father Qin’s thoughts were in line with what Qin Yuan had said.

Although this scene to other Omegas may be somewhat shameful and unacceptable, Qin Yi felt completely nothing. He casually buckled the helmet and put his hands into the slot.
His mother left a huge inheritance for him, and other than him and his mother, no one else knows about it. According to the law, the moment he reaches the age of 18, he can get the inheritance from the custodian immediately.


Whether he can get married or not.

Whether there’s a match or not.

It’s none of his concern.

He’s waiting to inherit the 800 million dollars inheritance from his mother and pursue a career in the entertainment business!

Qin Yi’s thoughts drifted away as a result of his overexcitement, but his gaze was still fixed on the system.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

The test took longer than all the other Omegas.

Father Qin’s eyebrows furrowed unconsciously, and he even spoke unhappily, “Why isn’t there any result yet?”

Qin Yuan and the others exchanged looks, and they knowingly saw a gloating look in each other’s eyes.

It’s probably because the system had never met such a troublesome Omega before.

The system stopped loading after processing for half a minute.

“Is it broken?” Qin Yuan stuck out his head and asked.

“Why did it break down the moment my cousin came?” He almost laughed.

At this moment, the closed door that had seemingly never opened before and once made people wonder if there was even the existence of living workers inside, suddenly opened.
There was a girl inside with her head out. “Uh, the internal code of the system prompted the tester to cut their finger and let it bleed, then retest again.”

“Such a primitive way of testing?” Father Qin said unhappily.

“We can’t do anything about it. That's what the system code is prompting.” The girl shrugged.
“Why didn’t it directly give a prompt?” Father Qin asked.

“It’s very obvious that the system froze.” The girl said.

The reason was so absurd that it made Father Qin want to laugh.

“It’s under the direct jurisdiction of the central brain, so how can it go wrong?”

“No matter how amazing an AI is, it can also freeze. Just that it doesn’t happen as often.” The girl said.

Qin Yuan immediately laughed, “This cousin of mine is truly amazing. He came across a situation that only ever happens once in a blue moon.”

This could be counted as him finally getting that stuffy feeling that had persisted since they were in the hovercar off his chest.

At this, the girl looked at him with a strange gaze. She handed over a plate and slammed the door with a bang.

On the plate was an already disinfected and sealed-up small knife, as well as a device for treating minor wounds.

Qin Yi lowered his eyes.

If there’s a need to, then he’ll retake the test.

He had just become an adult, and the best way to cut off his relationship with the Qin family quickly and effectively is through his defective pheromones, as a way to make Father Qin lose face.

Qin Yi tore open the sealing quickly and took out the knife. He then swiftly made a small cut on his fingertip without even batting an eyelid.

Yu Hong looked at the scene, and he couldn’t help frowning. Why didn’t anyone realize anything?

Most Omegas were weak and scared of even a tad bit of pain. No matter if Qin Yi was ridiculed or had his hand cut, his mood was always in a constant state of calmness.

Wasn’t this enough to show how amazing Qin Yi actually was?

Yu Hong wasn’t the only one staring at Qin Yi. The girl from earlier stared at the image in the camera behind the door. The image was clear, and not a tiny bit of detail was missed.

“This Omega’s hands are so beautiful…” The girl unconsciously said. She then suppressed her thoughts and returned to a face full of solemnity.

The initial results were actually already calculated in the half-minute when the system froze earlier. But the results were too frightening, and she was unsure if she should directly publish it or not. Hence, she quickly passed it to her superiors.

Her superiors returned an instruction at an even faster speed, and they requested the Omega outside to undergo a more detailed and primitive matching test.

Using blood.

If the results were real, then they would be published.

The reason why she stared at the camera so intensely and seriously was to ensure there weren’t any mistakes or cheating in every part.

Finally, Qin Yi succeeded in dripping blood into the system’s receiving container.

The girl breathed a sigh of relief.

This time, the loading time of the system became even longer.

One second, two seconds, three seconds… 30 seconds… 1 minute, and 45 seconds…

Everyone present at the scene all became a little impatient from waiting.

“Did it freeze again?” Father Qin frowned.

Just as Father Qin finished speaking, the system finally made its first sound after a difficult three minutes of operation, “Your match with Alpha General Zhou Yi Qing, whose pheromone number is AI6650, is 100%.”

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