IM6A Chapter 20.1: His Identity Is Fake

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The people on the ship left Zheng Yi’an to rest. He didn’t reject it.

There was no way the people on the spacecraft would obey him entirely just based on a few words of his. But once there is more contact, the distance between people will shorten even if it is in a day. They would then be biased towards him.

What’s more, he wanted to use Kilia to kill Halls.
Zheng Yi’an was wearing a suit and thanked the captain for giving him food and water. He then walked into the single bedroom given to him by that Alpha actor.
The single bedroom was meant for Halls at first, but half an hour ago, Halls suddenly showed rare generosity.
He scanned through Zheng Yi’an with an indifferent and arrogant gaze. He said in an unbothered tone, “Give it to him.”
To let go of his land is to let go of his authority.
It’s weird. Halls didn’t care about this. Was it because he is young?
Zheng Yi’an thought about it differently, and quickly came to another conclusion. Maybe it was to find the Omega called Kilia. It seems like his coming mid-journey seems to have made the relationship between Kilia and Halls closer.
This is quite strange. Halls has always disliked Omegas, portraying the chauvinism of the people in the Limu Empire brilliantly. It seems as though he had changed preference…
Just as he was thinking about this, Zheng Yi’an’s mind flashed back to the feeling of when he had contacted the Omega.
An Omega in estrus is indeed dangerous.
The pointer in the clock pointed to 1.30 a.m. Halls had been sitting in the cramped room for a long time. He thought of what Kilia had told him. “When it is dark, I’ll look for you.”
It should be dark enough right?
Halls got up slowly and pushed the door. The people who had been searching all day were very tired, so they hurried back to their rooms and the outside soon became empty. The old and cold interior of the ship against the bushes outside the window made the environment look a little scary.
Halls stood there for a few seconds, then turned abruptly and walked down the aisle leading to the dorm. On the other end, Qin Yi yawned languidly and even stretched himself. When he tilted his head, his hair would follow the direction his head was tilted towards, which revealed a drawing on the back of his neck.
Halls paused in his step, glancing at Qin Yi’s neck. Qin Yi was very sensitive, and he immediately knew that someone was watching him.
Hence, he immediately opened his eyes and looked around, scanning his surroundings.
Qin Yi: ?
Didn’t I say I would look for you? Why did you bring yourself to me instead?
Qin Yi took a few steps and slowly approached, “What brings you here?”
Halls lowered his voice, “…To save energy, both the inside and outside of the spacecraft are dark.”
Qin Yi looked up at the lamp above. It is indeed very dark outside.

Qin Yi can understand the Alpha’s eagerness to regain his energy as soon as possible so that he can firmly grasp hold of the killing machine in his hands once again. Thus, he didn’t ask any more questions.

Qin Yi turned in the direction of the door and started walking, with Halls following behind instinctively. When he was waiting to jump out of the spaceship with Qin Yi, Halls suddenly realized that there was a day when his royal self would actually follow behind someone… oh, not only once.
Halls look at Qin Yi’s back, “Kilia.”
Qin Yi didn’t turn to look back, “Yes?”
Although Halls is arrogant, he's not the kind of person who’s not good at handling things. He thought that since Kilia was willing to share the energy mine with him, he should take care of Kilia, just like how he treated the subordinates under him. After Halls thought about this, using his long legs, he walked to Kilia’s side and bent his waist, “I’ll carry you, you show me the way.”
Qin Yi: ?
It’s not impossible.

Since Halls is helping him to save some energy, then he won’t be polite in taking the help. Qin Yi stretched his hand out to hook it around his neck, then he climbed on. The result was Halls almost falling due to his legs suddenly becoming weak, but his body was thankfully strong so he could bear it.
…It came again. That feeling.
Halls blinked lightly, squeezing the droplets of sweat out of his eyes.
How Halls got through the journey, he isn’t too sure. His brain is a little muddled, but still clear enough. He could hear what Kilia was saying in his ears clearly.
“Go left.”

“Walk another 800m. Here it is.”
Kilia’s voice was so steady that little by little, the anxiety in his heart began to subside… Halls breathed out lightly, and then lowered the man on his back.
Qin Yi: “Stretch your hand out and touch it.”
Halls’ eyelid twitched, “Hm?”
Qin Yi had smelled too much of the rose scent on Halls’ body and started to feel like he had become a little rose himself. He wanted to retreat two steps, but he thought that it might be too dark for Halls to see clearly. So, he could only reach out his hand over the thin fabric of his cuffs and press Halls’ wrist against the mountain wall in front of him.
At that moment, in that short amount of time, Halls’ heartbeat was thumping rapidly, but it gradually calmed down again.
The mechanical arm wasn’t warm. It was a cold and hard… rock.
Halls pulled a face, then touched the corners of the rock carefully. Very quickly, his countenance changed, “…You were right, there is indeed a fairly large energy mine here. Don’t move, I will go see if there’s an entrance.”
“The entrance should be nearby, not exceeding 100m,” Qin Yi said after some consideration. He recalled the estimated length of the python mech he had seen.
Halls responded. He had just walked a few steps out, but he was starting to regret it. It was too dark here, even darker than the bushes outside the spacecraft. Would any dangerous things be lurking in the dark that would suddenly pounce on Kilia… Halls paused, turned around, and trotted to Qin Yi’s side.
Qin Yi heard the rushed footsteps, “What’s the matter?”
Halls stood still, his breath steady.

"Do you want to sit inside my mech?" He asked softly.

Your mech is going to consume energy soon. If there's a problem with this energy source, then I won't be safe...

Qin Yi rejected his offer, "I'll be fine sitting in my mech."

Halls: "...Mn."

She doesn't want to ride his mech.

Halls turned around again but he still felt that something was empty. He pinched his fingertips.

Is there something missing between his fingers? Halls thought to himself. He didn't know.

Halls collected his thoughts and found the entrance to the mine very soon. A faint light shined inside.

After walking a little deeper inside, Halls noticed that the light came from the illuminators on the waist of the missing bodyguards. And those bodyguards had already died a sinister death.

Seems like they were frightened to death.

Halls borrowed the light and looked up.

The abundance of mineral energy sources here was shocking.

Halls' eyes glowed. Does Kilia know exactly what she had sent to him?

Halls took out his dragon mech instantly. The bio mech was different from other mechs. It could directly consume these energy sources without needing them to be reprocessed.

Halls left his dragon mech there and hurriedly turned to find Qin Yi.

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