IM6A Chapter 20.2: His Identity Is Fake

Updated: Sep 23

Half an hour later.

Qin Yi also took out his mech in the mine.

Halls spoke up, "Your mech grade isn't high." This was the tone the crown prince was used to using, but after he finished, he suddenly remembered the matter of Zheng Yi'an calling him impolite.

Halls paused before squeezing out a sentence with great difficulty, "But it still looks very beautiful..."

Qin Yi: ?

He didn’t quite understand how Halls' brain circuits worked.

But this wasn’t what was important.

Qin Yi nodded and said, "Yes, its grade isn't high, so it can't be directly charged."

Halls immediately followed up, "Some modifications are needed."

Qin Yi replied calmly, "I don't know how." The things he knew were still too little. The knowledge he has right now was comparable to him squeezing a sponge and absorbing everything he knew from it after putting in tons of hard work.

Halls immediately said without thinking, "I know how! My father once let me try it in the military camp as training. It's just a foundation skill..."

Halls inexplicably felt a little more relaxed. Although she didn't want to play with his dragon mech or sit inside it, he could help her recharge her mech.

"Military camp?" Qin Yi quickly caught onto this unusual keyword.

This seems to be a little incompatible with the heir of the Meili Bank's identity.

Halls realized he had said something wrong, but... it didn't seem like a big deal now if he were to expose his identity to Kilia.

Kilia won't betray him.

Halls just pretended to have not heard his question and asked Qin Yi for some tools. Qin Yi had bought these tools together with the mech.

Halls then proceeded to squat down just like that and began modifying the mech's charging port. The hem of the long tailcoat fell to the ground.

His figure still looked elegant and noble, but his movements were akin to a miner who had just started work.

Qin Yi yawned lazily and leaned against the mountain wall to take a short rest.

Perhaps an hour or two has passed? Until a gentle voice suddenly rang in the mine entrance, albeit with a hint of laughter and anger in it.

"Didn't expect to meet you here." Zheng Yi'an said.

Zheng Yi'an's original intention was to go back at night to repair that stupid big hole in the head of his python mech, only to end up seeing Halls and the Omega standing at the side the moment he went in.

They were happily mining away at the energy mine he had discovered!


Very good.

Zheng Yi'an let out a deep chuckle.

It was he who had made a fatal mistake. He shouldn't have underestimated the Omega in front of him.

Halls slowly stood up when he heard the sound, his eyes betraying murderous intent. The dragon mech behind him also stood. Its tall and majestic figure gave off a sense of oppression.

Zheng Yi'an didn't look at Halls, as though he wasn't taking him seriously. His eyes were glued to Qin Yi, and he asked, "Did you guess what was in this mountain from the moment you saw my mech here?"

Qin Yi nodded lightly. The reason why Zheng Yi'an's mech was left here was that it was charging.

It was also this huge amount of energy source that allowed Zheng Yi'an to be in a much better condition than Halls when Qin Yi first met him.

"You treat him really well." Zheng Yi'an sighed softly.

Who would've thought? The Omega played such a big role.

Now, Halls has recovered his energy and on the contrary, it was his python mech that dug a hole for itself. His chances of success are even lesser now.

I need to take another closer look at you. Zheng Yi'an paid close attention to Qin Yi.

"Well, are you going to fight for the ownership of this mine?" Qin Yi asked casually. It was obvious he didn't care about Zheng Yi'an's arrival nor the sense of oppression he brought along.

There was even a moment when Zheng Yi'an felt that the Omega seemed to be anticipating their fight.

Zheng Yi'an quickly made a decision, "Of course not."

"Okay." Qin Yi sighed with regret and reminded him, "Mr. Zheng mustn't forget my 100 million dollars."

Zheng Yi'an couldn't help but glance down at Qin Yi's legs. His legs were bare, the white skin a little dazzling in the mine.

Qin Yi spoke again, "I want to leave this Star earlier. Mr. Zheng, it shouldn't be a problem, right?"

Zheng Yi'an: "No problem."

There wasn't a need to stay at this Star if there wasn't a way to kill Halls completely.

It's just that he wouldn't go along with Halls' wishes so easily. Zheng Yi'an, who has always been good at sowing discord, slowly opened his mouth, "But Kilia, have you never thought that treating Mr. Gladstone so well isn't going to be worth it at all? Or perhaps, even his identity is fake."

Halls' face darkened.

Qin Yi started talking nonsense casually, "Oh, what does that have to do with anything? I only know him as his own person, and not his identity."

Who wouldn't have a few fake identities for those who came out to mingle around nowadays?

The next time he's on the run, why not just say he's the stepmother of that, that person called Stone, was that his name?

No one will be able to chase me as long as I change my identity fast enough.

Qin Yi was in a bright and relaxed mood while Zheng Yi'an's gaze unexpectedly became complicated.

This was the most complicated Omega he had ever seen before.

Smart, knows how to conceal his emotions, beautiful, looked weak, but could grab his 'little snake' with great ease, his expression relaxed. What's more important was that he would sincerely share his gentleness with the famous chauvinist crown prince.

Halls wasn’t worth it.

No wonder some people had once described Omegas as the most beautiful treasures in this world.

Halls didn't look so detestable when the Omega stood beside him.

While on this side, Halls was stunned. He clenched his hand, his chest feeling a little hot. He had never thought about how others would treat him if he was stripped of his crown prince identity one day.

Kilia took everyone by surprise with his answer. Halls licked his lower lip and felt that he could smell a faint sweet smell coming from Qin Yi again.

Both Zheng Yi'an and Halls kept a close eye on Qin Yi.

For a moment, the mine was extremely quiet.

Only Qin Yi was still trying hard to recall... what was his name again? Something Stone?

He hates foreigners.

The name is too long, it simply can't be remembered. :(

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