IM6A Chapter 5.2: The Omega They Spoke Of

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On this side, the atmosphere in the Qin family was tense. On the other hand, Pan Li couldn’t wait any longer and personally made a trip to the Kong family’s house. Father Kong felt both happy and disturbed by the sudden visit but quickly greeted him.

“Is Childe Ling here?” Pan Li asked. He came to look for Kong Jia Xiang.
TL/n: English for Gongzi, usually used to address males (typically youths) of noble birth.

“Yes! Of course, he’s here!”

Kong Jia Xiang went to the port that day to see Qin Yi off, and according to the rumors in school, he also seemed to be the person closest to him.

Maybe he could reveal something that was useful.

Father Kong quickly called for Kong Jia Xiang. Kong Jia Xiang had been feeling upset for the past few days; because why would Qin Yi scold him? Why did it feel like Qin Yi had become a different person altogether? He couldn’t figure it out at first, but then he felt that maybe it was because of the harsh treatment Qin Yi faced from his family, so Qin Yi said those things in a fit of anger.

Was he complaining about his inability to save himself?

Kong Jia Xiang thought about it a lot. He even went as far as to ask his father, but Father Kong denied his thoughts coldly, “Don’t interfere with other families’ affairs. I don’t wish for the four big families to have a rift because of this. Besides, you’re very clear about this, aren’t you? You can’t marry Qin Yi, so stop thinking about it.”

After that, Kong Jia Xiang became very angry. Up until he saw Pan Li, his complexion didn’t recover.

Pan Li also didn’t care about his brooding and just asked right away, “What kind of person was Qin Yi like? Do you understand his preferences? Do you know if he has any secrets others don't know about? Where do you think he would run off to?”

“…What?” Kong Jia Xiang raised his head in astonishment. Qin Yi… ran away?

“I won’t tell you.” Kong Jia Xiang pursed his lips, “Were you the ones who wanted to send him off as a lover to those people with high statuses?”

“Lover?” It was as though Pan Li had heard a joke. He sneered coldly and said, “He went to be General Zhou’s wife! General Zhou and his matching percentage had reached 100%. Do you have any idea what this means? Now that Qin Yi is missing, I have a reason to suspect that you had provided him with some kind of help, so you better cooperate with us. If not… the one who will look for you won’t be me, but General Zhou himself! Because you made his wife go missing!”

Kong Jia Xiang was deeply shocked. This was even more shocking than when Qin Yi had called him ‘stupid’ 10 days ago. His brain stopped, almost unable to continue on.

This even made Father Kong’s complexion change. “How can this be? Isn’t the child of the Qin family…” He stopped himself in time because he remembered the abnormal behavior of Father Qin recently.

Was it because of Qin Yi’s matching result? Not only was it not bad, but a pie has even dropped from the sky for the Qin family.
TL/n: Chinese idiom that means obtaining something easily without effort.

Father Kong felt envious at that moment. If he also had an Omega son like that…

Father Kong immediately turned to Kong Jia Xiang. “Still not clarifying?”

It wouldn't be good if his son really had a relationship with Qin Yi. It would be best to clarify everything clearly and shed light on any doubts about their relationship. A man like General Zhou would never allow himself to have a love rival.

Kong Jia Xiang returned to his senses blankly and said hoarsely, “I… I don’t know…”

He suddenly realized that other than the entanglement of the Qin family, he knew nothing about Qin Yi. No wonder Qin Yi scolded him in that manner.

Kong Jia Xiang began feeling anxious: “I would also like to know where he ran off to. He’s an Omega, and he doesn’t know anything, plus he’s so fragile…”


At the same time, the Beta soldiers were explaining the events leading up to the escape to Zhou Yi Qing in a low tone.

“When he first boarded the spacecraft, he was very relaxed. But as we got closer to the Capital Star, he began feeling more and more nervous. He was afraid that the General wouldn't like him.”

“He ate very little every day, even less than most Omegas. This caused his face to be very pale, and he looked like ancient porcelain, exquisite and fragile.”

“When we stopped for the first time at Shining Star, he wanted to buy a gem to dress himself up nicer. He wasn’t wrong; the jewels he brought from the Qin family were no match for his beauty. When the jewels laid against him, they would turn very dull without any shine. That’s why he had used 20 million dollars to buy two gems.”

“He wore a nightgown when he went shopping. He just left home and he needed to wear something he was familiar with to have a sense of security.”

“He was very obedient. When he finished buying the gems, he immediately returned to the spacecraft. He didn’t request anything unreasonable.”

“When he was on Misty Star, it was to buy a mech. He had heard the stories of the General killing and making the enemy retreat and reclaiming territory on Misty Star. Therefore, he wanted to select a mech for the General here carefully. He entered the store, and the first thing he said was that he wanted to buy the most expensive one to give to the General. For that, he pawned all the jewelry he had brought with him, and also the last bit of money he had in his card.”

“He used 126 million. He is now penniless.”

“I think this is the most romantic thing an Omega can do.”

“Or maybe, he was really too afraid. Didn’t he just come of age, General?”

Zhou Yi Qing’s expression did not change, but his second-in-command Ji Yang had already expressed great shock. This was the most absurd interrogation he had ever heard.

From what these Beta soldiers had said, this Omega was well-behaved, fragile, and gentle; and possessed a stunning beauty that could surpass the brilliance of all jewels.

But such a well-behaved, beautiful, fragile, and gentle Omega actually ran. After he ran away, these soldiers still praised him and even tried to defend him.

Are there really such people in this world? He was nearly perfect without any flaws from what they’ve spoken about him. Not to mention this Omega had just come of age.

On one hand, Ji Yang was really curious and on the other, he tried his best to maintain his calm and reasoning. He turned to talk to Zhou Yi Qing, “General, I think they’re lying. Or the Omega could’ve been kidnapped.”

“No, we’re not… You can send people to check on the places we’ve been to and whom we’ve talked to.”

Zhou Yi Qing’s face was icy and did not have the slightest change. He looked at the officer from Misty Star. “Bring those people over.” The officer hurriedly responded and went to invite one of the people from the Yin family over.

Zhou Yi Qing’s gaze landed on the Betas again. Before he came, he suspected his political opponents might have kidnapped the Omega. With the rise of his authority and status, there will surely be people unsatisfied with him. This Omega will then become the battlefield for contention.

Those people will try to kill the youth. Let him lose the chance of ever giving birth to excellent offspring and destroy the future of the Zhou family.

That’s why he thought that the Omega’s disappearance had a lot to do with him. He should thus step forward and save the Omega.

But when he came to Misty Star… this was the strangest interrogation he had ever experienced.

They had described the behavior of the Omega without a second thought. This Omega was different from every Omega that Zhou Yi Qing knew.

This little Omega ate very little, wore nightgowns, and returned to the spacecraft on time, all as an act to lower the guards’ wariness. The Omega had used Zhou Yi Qing’s name as a cover to finish spending the Qin family’s money. After all, if he didn’t spend it now, he also wouldn’t be able to spend it in the future. Because once he starts spending, his location would be locked in immediately.

All the complex traits that were described and came out of the soldiers’ mouths all mingled together on the youth’s body, causing him to be shrouded in a layer of mystery.

Maybe it was as the soldiers had said. He was beautiful and fragile. Even jewels could not compare.

But he was also equally smart and patient and knew how to use all the resources he had on his hand. He was bold and fearless.

Zhou Yi Qing could almost imagine it; the youth gently raised his eyes, watching everything unfold in front of him, quietly waiting for them to advance further according to his plan.
TL/n: Referring to QY.

That image was soundless but shocking.

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