IM6A Chapter 6.1: His Pheromones Are Vodka-Flavored

Updated: May 2

The helper of the Yin family repeated everything Qin Yi had said back then honestly.

Ji Yang couldn’t help but cut him off, “How did you remember everything so clearly?”

“Because he was particularly good-looking,” the helper said.

Ji Yang: “…”

At this moment, the helper looked at Misty Star’s officer and also couldn’t help but ask, “This is General Zhou, right? I didn’t recognize it wrongly?”

A laugh escaped Ji Yang. “You didn’t.”

The helper gaped, and his voice suddenly changed, “That Omega’s husband is General Zhou?!”

Ji Yang: “…Husband?”

The helper stuttered for a little bit, and while trying to remember in detail whether he had offended the little Omega that day, he replied with great difficulty, “Ah, he walked into the shop that day and said he wanted to choose a mech for his husband to operate.”

Ji Yang’s mouth twitched. “This Omega is quite… unrestrained? He hasn’t even gotten married to our General yet.”

When the helper heard that, he breathed a sigh of relief. In his mind, he thought that it was a great thing. If not, wouldn’t he be finished since the General’s wife went missing at his place?

“This was an excuse that he came up with to rationalize his behavior,” the General said coldly. “If not, it would look too strange for an Omega who had just come of age to bring all his assets to buy a mech. It would’ve attracted unnecessary attention.” But he also thought that the Omega was overly… unrestrained.

On this Omega, it seems that completely new and different traits had integrated into his body. He had just come of age, but to say these kinds of things so naturally, wasn’t he embarrassed saying it?

Ji Yang turned. “What you’re saying is… this was all premeditated by that Omega? He wasn’t kidnapped and didn’t receive help from others. Instead, he solely depended on his own strength and quietly ran away?”

Is this even possible? Ji Yang kept asking himself repeatedly.

He didn’t think so.

But looking at General Zhou, it seemed he was sure this was the reason.

“Ask PanDa Star for a picture. Lead a team down personally to conduct interrogation and find out his entire course of action.” Zhou Yi Qing ordered them quickly.

Although the opposite party was intelligent, Omegas had many inherent shortcomings compared to Alphas. However, he wasn’t the only one looking for this Omega now as his enemies are too. He wants to hurry first.

The Qin family shouldn’t have sent him over.

If it was actually like what the soldiers had described, then the opposite party could definitely find an Alpha that’s more suited for him.

Zhou Yi Qing rubbed his forehead, his expression cold as ever. Since he had joined the army, he had experienced countless times of cruel wars, went in and out of the director’s home that was under strict surveillance repeatedly, and he even managed to get past the opponent’s defenses to enter their enemy’s capital city, but he has never tried looking for a little kid before.


‘Little kid’ Qin Yi slowly opened his eyes amidst the shaking of the spacecraft.

“You’ve arrived at I7 Star.” The spacecraft sent out a notice.

Qin Yi turned over, got out of bed, and pressed a button. The windows changed from black to transparent. His gaze landed outside, capturing the scenery outside the spacecraft with his eyes- a dense swarm of black Zerg-shaped robots surrounding the ship. Behind him was the dark starry sky. He could vaguely make out a port entrance in front of him.


Qin Yi’s eyelashes quivered slightly. This mystery box, it seems to be broken.

The robots swarmed up quickly, just like worker ants, and forcefully lifted the spacecraft up, causing it to completely lose its control suddenly. Qin Yi touched the mech bag on his back but did not make any rash movements. He didn’t understand this planet at all.

Although these Zerg-shaped robots weren’t much of a threat individually, they would become extremely terrifying when they came together. During the era of Ancient Earth, there was a saying that goes like this: ‘A lot of ants can bite an elephant to death’. Qin Yi thought it made sense.
TL/n: Means that many weak people who unite together can defeat the strong.

Soon, the robots carried the spacecraft into the port. The port was old and cramped, allowing only two spacecraft to pass through it at the same time.

After the spacecraft landed stably, the robots made a lot of sounds like ‘jiji chacha’ and ‘didi gugu’ all the while surrounding the spacecraft. They soon started turning and while doing so, they showed their sharp mouthparts.

Only the harsh glint of their teeth flickering amidst the vast darkness was visible. This scene was indeed a little shocking.

Qin Yi didn’t show much of a reaction. He only observed their behavior quietly without moving, trying to figure out the fixed pattern they followed.


Kacha Kacha–!

Qin Yi could hear all the distinct sounds these movements made. The robots clung to the spacecraft, their sharp mouthparts and the outer shell of the spacecraft colliding.

This took roughly three to four minutes. Qin Yi gazed at the spacecraft intently, realizing that not even a trace of paint came off the dilapidated spacecraft.

Not only that, but the Zerg-shaped robot unwillingly raised its forefoot, dug into its mouth clumsily, and at last, it took out bits of broken mouthparts. Then, they were all dumbfounded. Almost as though this sort of scene had never occurred before in their lives.

It was so funny that Qin Yi tilted his head in amusement.

Hm? This second-hand spacecraft was actually this tough?

Approximately two minutes had passed again. At this moment, the robots’ heads flashed red, and they stopped moving, no longer trying to bite or dig their mouths in the spacecraft.

Qin Yi sat up straight. Yes, he guessed that the master who controlled those robots was about to appear.

It was as Qin Yi had predicted. In the blink of an eye, Qin Yi heard music drifting out.
The person finally appeared in his line of sight, followed by the sound of slowly approaching music.

That was a huge aircraft. The front end of the aircraft was completely transparent. As if imitating the dress-up of slaves from ancient times, there were four figures wearing shabby garbs visible inside. In the middle was a man wearing a golden suit, surrounded by four ‘slaves’.

One ‘slave’ was holding wine, the other holding fruits, and the remaining two were holding fresh flowers. This gave off a feeling of the ancient times, especially of feudalism-colonization. Qin Yi’s guess was that he had seemingly entered an indigenous colonized land on some random backward planet.

“The person in the spacecraft, listen up. Get down here immediately, or master will use a laser cannon to blast you and your spacecraft into pieces together.” The aircraft suddenly made an announcement.

Laser cannon. Qin Yi had learned of its destructive power in Kong Jia Xiang’s books. There were also different levels in laser cannons, and most of the commonly seen ones can blast capital ships into pieces with just a shot. It was clear this type of destructive power was not something an ordinary spacecraft could endure.

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