IM6A Chapter 6.2: His Pheromones Are Vodka-Flavored

Updated: May 2

Qin Yi unhurriedly got up and walked to the front door, pressed the button, and lowered the escalator. The moment the door opened, he could distinctly feel countless light spots aimed at him, and maybe those were from weapons.

“Hi?” Qin Yi’s expression did not change, only blinking his eyes lightly. “I think I took the wrong way?”

The youth who got off the spacecraft came into the man’s view. He was like a blooming flower in the dark and boundless universe, the only beautiful existence in this space.

In the next moment, those light spots disappeared. The man wearing the golden suit sitting upright in the middle of the aircraft smiled and said, “No, you didn’t go the wrong way. I think this is destiny.”

“Go and invite him over to my aircraft.”

Just like that, Qin Yi got invited into the aircraft. He also quickly figured out what kind of place he was in after hearing it from the man’s mouth.

The man came to this place 70 years ago. He said he just happened to 'chance’ upon this Star, but Qin Yi felt like he should use the word ‘escapee‘ instead. In the man’s hands was a batch of rare weapons which included the Zerg-shaped robots. Hence, he quickly conquered the indigenous people here and proclaimed himself as the king. He introduced himself to Qin Yi, “I’m Guo Kai, you are?”

“Zhou Yi.” Qin Yi casually came up with a name.

“What about your communicator and ID?”

“Thrown away.”

Guo Kai was still wary and didn’t let the blood rush into his head just because of the beauty in front of him. He asked, “Why was it thrown away?”

“Because my stepmother wanted to send me to high-status people to be a kept lover and I wasn’t willing to, so I ran away.”

Guo Kai’s expression relaxed: “So it turns out to be like this, what a pitiful little Omega. You will be very safe here; I will protect you.”

Qin Yi: “…” I believe in your father’s ghost.
TL/n: He doesn’t believe in Guo Kai at all.

"I will take you to my castle. It's comfortable and warm, and there are plenty of food Omegas like over there. You'll fall in love with it." Guo Kai’s eyes were fixated on Qin Yi, but Qin Yi was still wearing the set of work attire, making it very unfortunate as he couldn’t see anything. At most, he could only make out Qin Yi’s slender waist and long legs.

He was looking for an Omega and God answered his prayers. Furthermore, it was such a beautiful Omega. Guo Kai was emotionally deep in thought. My luck is pretty good after all!


The aircraft stopped in front of the castle Guo Kai had mentioned. The castle occupied a large area, and after walking in, there was still a need to take a hovercar to get to the various buildings. After getting off the aircraft, Guo Kai directly took him to the main hall.

The main hall doors opened, and voices called out in unison from inside, “Welcome back, master.”

Guo Kai probably wanted to deliberately show off his power and position to Qin Yi. With that being the case, he prepared to show Qin Yi around and walked in with a smile. Then… his expression froze.

“Why… are you here?” Guo Kai asked, his voice barely audible.

Qin Yi raised his eyes and looked at the person sitting at the end of the long dining table.

It was a woman with elegant features, long black curly hair, and heavy makeup. She wore a full-length black dress, which looked reminiscent of the way the women of the Limu Empire dressed. The hemline used fish bones to prop it up, forming a big arch. On her neck was a pearl necklace that tightly secured the dress, making sure that she was wrapped neatly from head to toe.

This made her look stunningly gorgeous but at the same time, her overall appearance also exuded a feeling of indifference and elegance. Comparable to a beautiful nun.

“Why can’t I be here?” The woman asked in return. Her voice was hoarse and low, sounding a little bit cold.

Guo Kai turned to look at Qin Yi awkwardly, then turned back to look at her again. Qin Yi blinked lightly. Ah, he seemed to have crashed into some sort of shura field.
TL/n: Describing a complicated relationship.

Guo Kai’s gaze suddenly landed on Qin Yi’s eyelashes. The youth’s eyelashes quivered slightly, just like a butterfly fluttering its wings. It seemed to be hard for him to resist Qin Yi’s type of face, the type that made him feel pity for him from the bottom of his heart.

Guo Kai turned viciously. “As you can see, I’ve brought back an Omega. He will take your place.”

The woman was not angry, and her expression even had a weird feeling to it, just that it was hard to detect. She raised an eyebrow and asked: “Is he of age?”

Guo Kai hesitated for a moment and turned back to look at Qin Yi. He did indeed look young.
The servant on the side reminded him, “You are already a fugitive and have broken the law numerous times before. Does it really matter if he is of age or not?”

“Right…” Guo Kai came back to his senses and said, “That’s right! I will mark you right now…”

Qin Yi: “…”

He quietly raised his hand and pressed on the mech bag on his back. As for Guo Kai, he suddenly froze there after getting a bit closer to Qin Yi.

He stared at Qin Yi, suddenly realizing something. “It’s for sure that you’re an Omega, but your body… doesn’t have any smell. What about your pheromones? I can’t smell anything! Damn it…”

Not being able to smell the pheromones of an Omega was just like losing a key that could open doors. Guo Kai rubbed his nose disbelievingly: “Am I the problem?”

At this, Qin Yi let go. He said gently, “It’s not you. I was born with defective pheromones.”

Guo Kai suddenly understood. If not because of this, why would such a beautiful Omega be sent off to be a kept lover? Guo Kai gritted his tooth regretfully, but he was soon at peace again. It doesn’t matter who he would be sent to as a lover. Then wouldn’t there be no difference if it was for him?

The Omega in front of him is really too beautiful. It was the kind of beauty that was hard to resist and would slowly etch into people’s hearts. Compared to the aggressiveness of women, he charmed people more.

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