IM6A Chapter 6.3: His Pheromones Are Vodka-Flavored

Updated: May 2

Guo Kai calmed down and let out a kind smile. “You’ll live here temporarily. Trust me, you’ll be very happy over here.”

Qin Yi nodded timidly; his looks remarkably similar to that of a weak underaged Omega. Guo Kai had enough of women’s arrogance, and he really ate up this frail Omega behavior. He tenderly thought that he would give many things to the Omega, and it would be very easy to impress this little Omega who had yet to see the world.

Rather than by force, why not let the Omega obey him willingly.

When he thought of such a scene, Guo Kai felt that the unwillingness he suffered from the woman had subsided. He smiled happily and lightly patted Qin Yi’s head: “You must be hungry. Have a meal first. I will ask someone to bring it over to you.”

Qin Yi stared at this hand for another three seconds, but Guo Kai didn’t notice. Guo Kai felt that today’s ‘hunting’ was very successful; he walked out briskly with light steps and didn’t turn to look back at the woman again. Only his servant remained to wait on the side.

The woman also didn’t seem to want to stay longer. She got up slowly.

Qin Yi: ?

Oh, a beautiful nun that’s more than 1.9m tall? She seemed to be taller than Guo Kai by a full head.

The woman moved in his direction and started slowly walking. When she walked to a spot three meters away from Qin Yi, she suddenly stopped, and her breathing pattern changed. Qin Yi could hear the sound of her heavy breaths clearly. Her cheeks then turned a bit flushed, and the red slowly crept towards her neck.

In the next moment, she stared at Qin Yi firmly. A pair of eyes in the color of tea, just like two icy cold crystal balls, filled with predatory instinct.

At that same time, Qin Yi also felt slight discomfort. It wasn’t because of the woman’s stare but because…

He could smell an Alpha’s pheromones.

It smelled strongly of vodka. It rushed in through his nostrils and made his throat so irritated that it was almost burning.

The woman suddenly moved. Every step she took almost made her seem like she was a big tree with grown roots, and she was moving those roots slowly with great difficulty. Every step carried strength.

One step, two steps, three steps… just when she was a meter away from Qin Yi. She took on a posture that almost made her look like she was pouncing, and she pressed Qin Yi down heavily onto the long yet wide luxurious dining table. The coldness in her eyes disappeared, and instead, she looked as if she was slightly drunk. She buried her face in Qin Yi’s neck, and her hoarse and low voice said, “Smells good.”

The servant on the side was dumbfounded. How should he report to the master? The two beauties that you like are hugging each other?

‘Pa’, a sound rang out. Qin Yi had slapped the woman, but one slap wasn’t enough. He raised his hand, and a series of ‘Pa’ rang out. He had slapped the woman another three times.

The woman’s eyes immediately became colder. She stared at Qin Yi closely, her eyes failing to hide her desire of wanting to eat Qin Yi up right then and there.

The servant was dumbfounded once again, his hands starting to shake non-stop.

Guo Kai had never beaten a woman. Not to mention that this was an Omega, the little Omega will soon realize that this action is like touching a tiger’s beard! This is seeking death!

The servant was afraid that the scene would soon become bloody, and he dared not look further, and instead, he turned his head to shout, “Find the master! Quick!”

However, he heard a ‘bang’ sound right after. The servant shuddered while turning his head, only to see the little Omega sitting on the dining table, while the woman was on the ground, apparently kicked down by him.

Servant: ?

Heck! He’s so brave!

The woman slowly got up, her expression slightly recovered and showed clarity, but she still couldn’t help but look at Qin Yi again. Sweat dripped from her forehead and soaked her hair. Thus, the hair clung to her forehead, exposing her cool but exquisite looks even more unreservedly.

“Are you a dog?” Qin Yi asked softly.

The servant was startled again. This was because he realized that although the little Omega looked calm and composed, the appearance of him sitting there was clearly more like a fragile treasure.

The communicator rang out at this moment.

- “What’s the matter? The Omega’s looking for trouble?”

Guo Kai’s voice cut in. The woman suddenly turned and walked towards the servant holding the communicator. The servant was about to open his mouth to answer when the woman grabbed the communicator with one hand and pinched it gently, causing it to break. Her other hand grabbed the servant’s neck, and after using a little force, his neck also broke.

“Well, it’s much quieter now.” The woman said, throwing both the servant and the communicator fragments away.

The rest of the servants in the dining hall gasped and didn’t dare to say a single word. They also didn’t dare to call Guo Kai anymore.

The woman stared at Qin Yi, and it looked like she wanted to experiment. That being so, she slowly tried to approach Qin Yi again step by step. When the distance between them shortened to a meter once more, she seemed to be unable to control herself and rushed towards Qin Yi again.

This time, Qin Yi only raised his eyelids and slowly drew out an energy sword, the tip aimed at her. At the moment when she pounced, her hands slammed on the table harshly, and her body arched, avoiding the fate of being skewered by the sword.

Her hair swayed, a strand falling onto Qin Yi’s cheek. Her posture looked as though she had enclosed Qin Yi, bringing about an unusually strong feeling.

Qin Yi held the sword in one hand, and he raised the other hand to reach out and touch the woman’s hair with his beautiful slender fingers. The woman’s eyelid twitched, and she grabbed his hand. Qin Yi didn’t show a look of disappointment, and on the contrary, his face was as innocent as a little white rabbit, and he showed a gentle smile. Then he lifted his leg and kicked out-

The woman’s expression drastically changed, and she quickly covered her crotch at the speed of lightning and jumped down. She panted slowly.

Qin Yi glanced at the hem of her skirt. After the two swoops she did earlier, the fish bones were seriously deformed. The black on her hem protruded almost unnoticeable.

Qin Yi: “…” The thing revealed underneath was even bigger than his.

This was an Alpha. His Adam’s apple and overwhelming pheromones that could easily suppress people all pointed to him being a male Alpha.

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