IM6A Chapter 7: Inducer

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The ‘woman’ retreated until there was a distance of three meters. His body was hunched over, and he stood there stiffly for quite some time before slowly straightening his waist as if he had recovered. The long black dress with the deformed fish bones made him look even taller.

Qin Yi couldn’t help but feel doubtful for a second. Where exactly did Guo Kai get his confidence from, thinking that he was enough to take down this ‘woman’?
TL/n: To control the woman.

“Your body has a really nice smell.” The ‘woman’ looked at Qin Yi intently. The eyes of the ‘woman’ who had calmed down became curved and ‘her’ gaze became a little bit gentler, and he asked, “Is it some kind of inducer?”

If only it was an inducer, Qin Yi thought unhappily. Before turning 18, he used to think he could just become a single dog and live happily alone until the universe collapsed on itself.
TL/n: The Big Crunch.

And when he died, the words engraved onto his tombstone should be ‘forever single’.

Others felt that his pheromone defect was one of the scariest things that could happen to someone, but to him, it was the best thing that had ever transpired in his life. This allowed him to brush off the natural law of attraction bound to AO, and he could easily travel without worrying about his estrus or an Alpha forcefully bonding him, ultimately ending in him becoming a tool for baby-making.

He had held the key to the hardest-earned freedom in the world.

But all of this changed in the end. First off, it was his matching test results; 6 Alphas had somehow achieved a baffling 100% matching percentage with himself. Now, an Alpha that could smell his pheromones had appeared.

He wasn’t happy with this.

Qin Yi didn’t reply, so the ‘woman’ thought that he guessed it right. “Are you a citizen of the Limu Empire? Or are you from the Alliance? Or perhaps… from the Yanhuang Empire?” He asked.

Yanhuang Empire was the empire where Qin Yi was from. As for why they came up with this name, it was said that they were all descendants of the Chinese from the Ancient Earth Period. Those Chinese were known as the Yanhuang descendants. After unifying the territory, the First Emperor of the Empire went into a frenzy about traditions and named the Empire ‘Yanhuang’.

At this moment, Qin Yi met the ‘woman’s’ gaze. While the ‘woman’ observed Qin Yi, Qin Yi was also observing him. Judging from his questioning style, he didn’t seem to be from any of the three sides. In fact, he might even be wary of people coming from any of these three sides.
TL/n: Limu Empire, the Alliance, and Yanhuang Empire.

What kind of person would be wary of the two Empires and the Alliance at the same time?

A pirate?

A fraudster?

Or a murderer from a terrorist organization?

Qin Yi thought all options were possible. He just didn’t seem like a good person either way.

“Not answering?” The ‘woman’ raised an eyebrow. “Scared I’ll eat you up?”

Qin Yi shook his head and looked at the remaining servants, and he said softly, “I was just thinking if Guo Kai comes back and sees the situation, would he kill you or me first.”

“Are you scared?”

“Yes.” Qin Yi answered and leisurely put away his energy sword. The ‘woman’ couldn’t help but recall Qin Yi’s earlier actions. His actions were methodical, but he couldn’t hide his ineptness at it. This should be his first time using such a thing.

“My name is Kilia, and I can protect you, but you have to tell me what kind of inducer you’ve used exactly and where you’re from. Why are you here? Also, what’s your name?”

“It doesn’t matter if they can hear it?” Qin Yi turned back and glanced at the servants.

“You can ask them if they’re more afraid of Guo Kai or me.” Kilia didn’t even blink when saying this. The servants lowered their heads tremblingly when they heard this, and it was evident they were afraid of following the footsteps of the one with the broken neck.

Qin Yi: “Alright.” He nodded slightly, giving off a submissive, gentle, and pleasant feeling. He said, “My name is Zhou Yi.”

“Zhou?” Kilia was very sensitive to this surname.

Qin Yi: “Yes, I’m actually Zhou Yi Qing’s illegitimate child.” His tone was calm, but the corner of his eyes showed a trace of sadness.

Kilia’s expression was strange, and he let out a ‘ha’ in amusement. “Zhou Yi Qing actually has illegitimate children?”

“Yes.” Qin Yi nodded his head lightly. He didn’t go into too much detail about how pitiful he was, and although this matter was outrageous, it was, in fact, true.

On the contrary, Kilia felt that he was much more credible now. The youth looked at Qin Yi’s face calmly, and he noticed that his and Zhou Yi Qing’s faces were starting to overlap a bit.

“As for the inducer, have you heard of the A723 reagent?” Qin Yi spoke up.

“Sounds like a pheromone number.”

“It is.”

Kilia took note of this number.

“As for which country I’m from, I think you should be pretty clear about that, right? And as for why I came here…” Qin Yi said everything at a moderate pace.

Guo Kai was unable to smell the pheromones from his body. This could mean he was a defective Omega. For a family that was as prominent as the Zhou family, this kind of person was a great embarrassment.

Thus, Kilia said, “I know.”

Just then, a knock came from the closely-shut doors of the dining hall, and the Zerg-shaped robot’s voice could be heard from outside, “The respectable Mr. Zhou, the food that the master had personally selected for you, has arrived.”

The robot’s forefoot reached out and knocked against the door. The door failed to open.

Qin Yi asked, “Can you let them open the door? I’m hungry.”

Kilia’s eyebrow twitched; he was repressed again. The youth looked composed and innocent, and even when they came face to face with this kind of situation, he was still worried about his stomach.

“Wait a minute,” Kilia said.

“Huh?” Qin Yi turned and looked at him suspiciously. The youth’s watery eyes were alluring.

Kilia: “Let me smell it again.”

Qin Yi: ?

Qin Yi lowered his head and thought about it seriously for 5 minutes. Was it possible to use a mech to kill Kilia and then escape alone…

While he was deep in thought, Kilia had already walked to him and was now one meter away from him. He could distinctly feel the blood in his body rushing through his veins almost instinctively, and his adrenaline surged.

Every cell in his body was telling him that he desired this youth in front of him. He needed to embrace him, hold him tightly, bite his neck, pierce his gland, and forcefully inject his pheromones inside…

At the same time, he could smell the strong scent emanating from the youth’s body. This was a scent that he had smelled before during his teenage years. It was the best scent he had ever smelled, the kind that was hard to describe in detail, and he couldn’t even remember what had produced that scent…

But that kind of scent made him feel comfortable and made him harbor an even stronger desire. Kilia tried his best to control his body. He didn’t pounce on Qin Yi this time.

His gaze focused on the youth’s face; he was observing him. He realized that whenever he faced the young man he would become crazy and unable to control his desire and instincts to approach the other. Hence, he lost his composure when he had never done so before.

However, the youth sat there coolly, and he was not affected even by the slightest bit. He suddenly remembered that when he lost control of himself just now, the youth had asked him a question.

“Are you a dog?”

Kilia’s expression sank. He suddenly felt extreme dissatisfaction and unwillingness. At this moment, Qin Yi’s expression changed, and his face wrinkled. Even so, he still looked good. Even after frowning and scrunching his nose, it was still a beauty that could evoke pity and move people’s hearts.

He didn’t wait for Kilia to take any action.

Qin Yi: “Oh.”

For someone who had never drunk before, to face such overwhelming Alpha pheromones was not easy.
TL/n: Author describes his pheromones as being ‘spicy’ or pungent enough for Qin Yi to choke on.

Qin Yi: “Oh oh oh.”

Kilia: “…”

Throughout his long career filled with fans from all around the universe who always loved and welcomed him, this was his most embarrassing moment.

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