IM6A Chapter 8.1: Perhaps He's Too Noob

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Qin Yi retched a few times, but he could still feel the lingering taste of spiciness in his nose and throat. He forcefully raised his head.

He had used his whole body’s strength to throw up, so now his eyes looked a bit reddish, the tears in his glassy eyes trembled, and the end of his eyebrows and corner of his eyes tinged with a touch of scarlet. It was as though a splash of colors had been added to a brush painting, achieving the kind of beauty that people wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off of.
TL/n: Chinese brush paintings are in black and white.

Kilia stared at his face, and not even five seconds later, he heard the youth in front of him say, “Thank you, please stay further away from me next time.”

Kilia: “…Of course, I think so too.”

Qin Yi straightened his waist slowly, and leaned against the dining table behind him, then turned around to look at the servants on the side.

Kilia took three steps back. His legs were long, so one step of his caused the distance between him and Qin Yi to widen a lot. The strong Alpha pheromones dissipated from Qin Yi’s surroundings in an instant.

Kilia turned his head and stared at one of the servants. “Open the door.” The servant nodded tremblingly and hurried out.

Kilia lowered his head and took off the gloves stained with blood which left a bit of dark red on it and threw them on the body of the servant whose neck he had just crushed. He then walked out slowly.

The moment he brushed shoulders with the Zerg-shaped robots and passed by them, the robots snapped a picture of him and sent it to Guo Kai. Guo Kai, who was currently bored and flipping through the news about current affairs, turned his head immediately the moment he heard the notification sound.

“Pu-” Guo Kai spit out all the wine in his mouth. He sat up straight and looked closely at the picture showing Kilia in a disheveled dress.

“Did that little Omega tear her dress?” This matter was strange no matter how he looked at it. It was as if the Omega he personally brought back had messed with the beauty he hid at home.

Guo Kai rubbed his forehead and slowly laid down again. “Impossible,” he comforted himself.

Isn’t this too ridiculous? In the end, he sent someone over to the dining hall to check the situation. The dining hall had already been restored back to its usual harmonious state, and the beautiful Omega youth was sitting at the table, digging into the food leisurely and elegantly, making the entire scene look pleasing to the eyes because of him.

“Do you know what happened to Ms. Kilia’s dress?” The person Guo Kai dispatched asked. The youth didn’t look up. “He tripped and fell.”

The person could only honestly repeat his words back to Guo Kai.

“That’s right, master. There’s still one more thing…”


“I realized a servant is missing again.”

In recent months, they would always have people disappearing inexplicably. However, Guo Kai didn’t care too much about it. It was the same today. Guo Kai lazily said, “It’s just some servants.”

“But your deputy commander also hasn’t come to pay greetings for the past half of the month.”

“That bastard, he better not have stolen my stuff and defected to the empire. Go and check…” Guo Kai said, and he squinted happily. “Connect me to the surveillance cameras of Zone 2 in the East, perhaps… I’ll be able to see the little Omega taking a bath.”


At this moment, Kilia, on the other end, accepted a call request.

- “Boss, Guo Kai caught a new one outside the port. Will this affect our plan?”

“I saw,” Kilia said.

The other end was surprised and said,

- “Then…”

I obviously wouldn’t tell you that that new person was an Omega, and it was an Omega that had made retching noises after smelling my pheromones.

Kilia spoke with an ugly expression, “Go and get some A723 reagent and give it to me.”

- “Boss, what’s that?”


- “I’ve never heard of an inducer with this number…”

“That’s because you’ve seen too little.”

“…” The other end paused.

- “You’re right. But what do you need this for?”

“Someone had the nerve to use this inducer on me.”

- “Huh? But doesn’t he know that this type of thing has never worked on you before?”

“…It works.” Kilia’s face turned even uglier.

- “What?”

The person blanked out for a while, then raised his voice while shivering,

- “That thing actually had an effect on you?!”

Not only did it work, but its effect was extremely potent. When Kilia recalled his loss of control, he felt troubled.

- “We must learn of its origin immediately and get a hold of it…”

The other end spoke quickly.

- “I’ll get it done right now! You wait! It’s been so many years and there’s never been a living Omega who could attract you, yet this kind of inferior product could actually attract you… It must’ve been something the empire created. Only they would have your pheromone information in their grasp…”

Kilia interrupted his agitated voice, “Yes, take care of it thoroughly.”

“Oh right, wait.”

The youth stopped his actions.

- “Yes?”

Kilia’s expression was a bit strange, and he asked, “Do my Alpha pheromones smell that bad?”

- “Of course not!”

The youth said agitatedly.

- “Your body’s pheromones represent a strong power. It gives off an alcoholic scent that’s mellow, thick, and flavorful. It’s pungent enough and carries aggressiveness. This causes everyone around you to feel intoxicated…”

Kilia also felt the same way in the past; until he met this Omega.

Kilia: “Forget it.”

- “What? What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Kilia would, of course, never tell his subordinates that he made an Omega nauseous with his pheromones.


The youth on the other end hung up and immediately headed to the black market to search for the A723 reagent, but the people at the black market had unexpectedly not heard of it before. It seemed this item was indeed very frightening!

However, he didn’t have to wait long. The people at the black market had very quickly contacted the youth again and said with a strange tone,

- “We’ve already sent people to you to pass on the things you need.”

Huh? The youth was stunned. Shouldn’t this kind of rare thing take at least 10 days to half a month to obtain?

With a face full of suspicion, the youth accepted the package. It was after he had opened the package did he feel even more suspicious and contacted Kilia again.

- “I’ve already placed the stuff for you at the same old place but… are you sure this is it?”

“Yes.” Unless that youth lied to me, Kilia thought.

- “So, it turns out that this was the kind of scent that you liked. No wonder there was never an Omega that could captivate you.” The youth hung up in a daze. His brain was full of-

Although I can’t understand it, I can’t help but be dumbstruck.

Kilia received the item the youth had sent over, then he hid it under the hem of his dress and turned around, slowly walking back to the small building where he lived.

He opened the door, and before he could step in, a voice rang out, “You’re back?”

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