IM6A Chapter 8.2: Perhaps He's Too Noob

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Kilia halted in his steps and turned to look, only to see the Omega youth he saw during the morning. He was leaning on the railing and walked towards him slowly from the corridor that was shrouded in darkness. The light fell on his face, brightening his dimly lit features. He unconsciously enthralled the people watching him little by little.

“Why are you here?” Kilia squinted.

“I asked the servants.” Qin Yi said.

“They actually told you?”

“Well, because you said you'd protect me in front of them back then.”

“…” Kilia gave him a complicated look. He was really good at taking advantage of everything he had.

Kilia pushed the door and went in while saying lightly, “I got the A723 reagent.”

Qin Yi responded softly, “Okay.”

He looked too calm. He couldn’t have lied, Kilia thought.

Guo Kai was probably clear on Kilia’s strength, so he arranged an individual building for him as a residence. It was really quiet there. After pushing the door to go in, there was a really spacious living room.

Qin Yi looked at the soft sofa that wasn’t too far away and at the fireplace on the side, which gave off warmth. He yawned bit by bit and walked directly to the sofa, leaned on the pillow, and lay down.

He looked up, reached out to Kilia, and said, “Thanks, I need a blanket.”

There had never been an Omega that was bold enough to enter his house, lay down on his sofa, and stretch out his hand requesting things. Did the little Omega know what he looked like right now? Like a little kitten inviting him in for a kiss.

Kilia’s eyelids twitched heavily. He suddenly remembered the kind of impulse that spread from his blood through to the gaps in his bones, the kind that made him unable to resist his attraction to him.

Kilia didn’t get close to him. He stopped and smiled. “Wait, I’ll get it for you. I understand how fragile underaged Omegas are.” His smile didn’t reach his eyes. His eyes were filled with deep colors, making him look a little cold.

Qin Yi seemed to not feel anything. He was still lying down, and said unhurriedly, “I’m already an adult, it’s been half a month. If not, you would have been convicted the moment you pounced on me.”

Kilia: “Is that so.” All the laws to the current him were comparable to pages of invalid rubbish. The little Omega still didn’t know that yet. Kilia chuckled while walking upstairs. The little Omega is still too young, he thought. The other had just grown up, and all he had were claws that bore on instinct as a way to defend him from the outside world.

Kilia wasn’t in a rush to get the blanket, so he walked into the bathroom alone first. He then opened the package and carefully took out the ‘A723 reagent’ from inside. Its outer packaging was very ordinary, just a glass tube with a rubber stopper tightly fastened to it. It contained a clear and colorless liquid, and there was a little bit of precipitation in the liquid.

Kilia opened it, and in the blink of an eye… he almost fainted from the smell. He shut his lips tightly but was unable to control his coughing a second later and coughed out uncontrollably. Consequently, his mouth involuntarily opened again, and he inhaled a bit of the smell.

“Ke ke ke…”

Kilia was already very angry, but when he thought again about how the youth had also made the same gagging sound when facing his pheromones, he realized this meant that the smell of his pheromones was comparable to this shitty thing!

In the end, Kilia became even angrier. He felt like fainting from anger.

How peculiar was this! Even if Zhou Yi Qing personally brought along his naval fleet to bomb his hometown, he also wouldn’t be this angry! His life so far had been smooth sailing, albeit frivolous and reckless, but there had never been such a moment like this before…


Downstairs, Qin Yi found the button on the projector.

He was opening the projector while thinking casually about the A723 reagent. The solution was composed of durians, garlic, coriander, and ghost pepper. This was the final product created 40 years ago when someone tried to recreate the smell most hated by humans during the Ancient Earth Period.

It was very interesting. Qin Yi only saw it once, but he had remembered it. At this moment, the projector began to play a classic romance movie. Qin Yi suppressed his thoughts and started to watch the film seriously.


Upstairs, Kilia resealed the glass tube with a black face. He then recalled the strange tone of his subordinate and realized this was the reason for it… He was probably bewildered at the fact that I would actually be attracted to this kind of scent?
TL/n: Means that he's pissed off.

When he thought about this, Kilia started to not feel quite well.

Kilia threw the glass tube into the rubbish and let the robots handle it. He then walked down the stairs, step by step, with a black face.

“Zhou Yi.” He coldly yelled the other’s name, deciding to frighten the other first. He must let him realize what a stupid thing he has done!

Qin Yi: “Yes? Do you have my towel?”

“There’s no towel,” Kilia said. “I opened the A723 inducer; you dare tell me that was an inducer?” His voice was low, carrying a hint of rage.

Qin Yi: “It isn’t.”

Kilia: “...” He completely didn’t expect the youth to actually admit it so frankly.

Kilia opened his mouth and spoke gloomily, “So you admit you lied to me?”

At the same time, the movie happened to show a scene between a male Alpha and female Omega. The male Alpha asked the female Omega coldly, “Did you lie to me?”

The female Omega cried pitifully, “I didn’t. Am I no longer the one you love most?”

Qin Yi: “Yes.”

Comparing both sides, the little Omega had an overly beautiful face, but he didn’t have a trace of weakness in his expression. He even answered in a blunt manner without saying a word of excuse.

Kilia’s thoughts strayed unconsciously. He suddenly became curious. What would the youth look like if he cried?

Qin Yi spoke again, “If I told you back then that there wasn’t an inducer, but it was actually my body’s pheromones instead, would you have believed me? You firmly believed that I was using some kind of inducer, right? So, I naturally could only follow your words and answer you based on your assumptions.”

Only then did he sit up and blink lightly, his eyes looking even more innocent than the female Omega on the screen. He calmly accused Kilia and said, “After all, you looked too fierce.”

Damn it. At that moment, Kilia actually felt that Qin Yi looked even more pitiful than the crying female Omega on the screen, even if he didn’t show any additional expressions.

Kilia stopped his thoughts in time. That’s right. It was indeed him who insisted on there being an inducer used to get that kind of reaction out of him.

Because before that, there had never been an Omega who could make him lose control like that. It was nothing short of a fantasy!

Kilia made sure to keep a distance of three meters between them, but he decided to try getting closer to Qin Yi again now. He must figure out what exactly was going on.

“If it was the pheromones from your body that attracted me, why did Guo Kai not smell it?” Kilia asked.

Qin Yi had actually thought about this issue before. He casually replied, “Perhaps he’s too noob.”

Kilia raised an eyebrow, but he miraculously felt comforted by his words. Was the little Omega trying to imply that he’s amazing?

“After you became an adult, did you do the matching test?”

“I did.”

“The stronger the Alpha, the higher the matching percentage?”

“More or less.”

Kilia sat down on the other end of the sofa. Even if he was wearing a dress, he still had an extremely powerful aura.

He smiled and said, “Right, so that means our matching percentage might not be low.” He tried scaring the little Omega. “Why don’t you marry me?”

Qin Yi paused. He titled his head, as calm as ever, and did not show the panicked and misunderstood face Kilia was hoping to see. He said, “I’m not saying it’s impossible. But you’ll have to call Zhou Yi Qing father.”

Kilia: “...”

If he doesn't kill Zhou Yi Qing, he will commit suicide on the spot.

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