IM6A Chapter 9.1: Alluring Pheromones

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“You don’t like Zhou Yi Qing?” Qin Yi asked.

He didn’t bother to wait for Kilia’s response before saying, “I don’t like him too.”

The hostility in Kilia’s eyes diminished and turned into an uncontrollable chuckle. “That’s a good thing, otherwise…”

Qin Yi looked up at him. “Hm?”

I would have thrown you out otherwise. The words were stuck in his throat, and he didn’t say them out loud.

“Can you give me the blanket now?” Qin Yi asked softly.

“You’re preparing to sleep here?” Kilia glanced at the sofa under him.

Qin Yi nodded. “Of course. Otherwise, am I supposed to sleep with you?”

Kilia briefly sketched the scene in his mind, but he then firmly turned down the idea. He didn’t want to see the little Omega gagging and looking up at him with those red eyes caused by the retching again. He also didn’t want to experience the feeling of losing control again. In the end, Kilia got a robot to send Qin Yi a blanket. The romance movie playing on the screen had already ended.

Qin Yi brushed his teeth, took a shower, burrowed into the blanket, and slowly entered dreamland by simply listening to the ending theme of the romance movie.

Kilia stood behind the sofa quietly. He kept all his facial expressions controlled, only observing the sleeping Omega with a calm and indifferent look. This observation went on for more than five minutes. He suddenly bent down and stretched out his hand, wanting to pull up the blanket that had fallen to the ground.

But just as his hand reached out, he paused.

…Will lose control.

Kilia retracted his hand and turned around slowly to leave. For him to fall asleep in this type of environment was enough to explain to him that although the youth looked like he had spiky thorns all over his body, he was actually an innocent and naive Omega.


That night, Guo Kai stared at the surveillance cameras so intensely that it seemed like his eyeballs were about to fall out, but he still didn’t manage to catch the scene of Qin Yi taking a shower.

He couldn’t stand it anymore and called a servant over for questioning. “Where’s the little Omega I brought back? Did he not return to the room?” He said unhappily, “You should look after him closely. The place is huge; he might get lost. If he loses his footing and falls into the swimming pool, he’ll die.”

The servant opened and closed his mouth, hesitating several times.

It wasn’t until Guo Kai finally finished venting the unhappiness in his heart did he cut in and stammered, “He-he went to Ms. Kilia.”

“What did you say?!”

Kilia is a female Beta. Qin Yi is a male Omega. It seems like… there shouldn’t be any possibility of a relationship blossoming between them. Guo Kai’s face which had a green complexion expressed relief when he thought about this.
TL/n: Envy or jealousy.


Qin Yi had indeed slept boldly and assuredly.

He really enjoyed the days after leaving PanDa Star. He got to sleep and wake naturally, and his life was now filled with spontaneity and freedom. What’s even better was that his meal ticket had delivered itself voluntarily the moment he finished spending all the money the Qin family had given him, and just as he was unable to get to the inheritance in time.

Basking in this kind of happiness made him sleep very soundly. Hence, when Kilia pushed the door and came out, all he could see was Qin Yi’s sleeping face. A ray of sunlight fell on his face, making some parts of his face shine in gold as if he was the sleeping beauty known in fairy tales.

Kilia: “...”

He was such a naive and unsuspecting Omega. Kilia could no longer doubt that the actions of the little Omega yesterday were all deliberate.


In the morning, Kilia received a video call request from his subordinate. The youth on the other end carefully asked,

- “Did you get the reagent?”

He didn’t only get it but also experienced first-hand how smelly it was. Kilia’s face turned black, and he ultimately decided to explain himself. If not, the whole world will think that his heart was moved by that kind of smell if the news ever got out, and everyone will think he was a pervert.

“It wasn’t an inducer,” Kilia said.

The youth was stunned, then he patted his chest and exclaimed,

- “That’s why I was talking about how strange you’ve gotten… uh.”

He stopped in time and didn’t finish his sentence. He quickly changed the subject and asked,

- “So the Omega lied to you?”

He was deceived. It didn’t sound good no matter how he heard it.

Kilia’s gaze wavered, and he said in a deep voice, “I misunderstood him first; there was actually no inducer at all. It was the attraction caused by pheromones. He should’ve gotten a matching percentage higher than 50% with me. His body’s pheromones have a strong attraction to me.”

The youth’s face was full of shock, and he even accidentally broke three cups.

- “50%?”

His voice trembled. The youth said anxiously,

- “He’s much more important than what Guo Kai has in his hands! You should immediately bring him back! Is he pretty? Guo Kai likes beautiful Betas and Omegas. You should be cautious of him! Where is he now?”

The more agitated others become, the calmer Kilia becomes.

“Is he really important?”

“Of course… it’s not easy… not easy to find an Omega who can have a matching percentage higher than 50% with you. Except for the time when you first became an adult, you had never experienced this kind of feeling after that, right?”

Kilia: “...”

The youth quickly defended himself.

- “I-I have no other meaning. Just-just wanted to tell you that this person is indeed very important!”

Qin Yi slowly got up from the sofa at this moment. He stepped barefoot on the carpet and walked to Kilia’s back without making a single sound, then tilted his head and looked at the communicator’s screen.

The youth’s eyes widened. This was because he saw Qin Yi, who was behind Kilia.

This… this young man’s really good-looking. The moment the youth’s thoughts were in a frenzy, he heard the voice of the other person talking.

“Kilia, do I need to avoid it?” Qin Yi asked.

What a cute and obedient voice, the youth thought.

But Qin Yi immediately opened his mouth again, “But I’m hungry.” He said while blinking his eyes.

Kilia turned his head back and wasn’t surprised by the distance between him and Qin Yi. He lowered his head and glanced at Qin Yi’s bare feet that were stepping on his carpet. His ankles were also very lovely, and even his toenails looked round and clean.

Zhou Yi doesn’t know that even if he took off his shoes, I would still be able to hear the sound of his footsteps clearly. An Alpha’s senses are sharp, Kilia thought.

He deliberately indulged in the other party just now because he was curious to know what the other would say when he sneakily walked to his back. The result was that… he was hungry?

Kilia turned and said, “You don’t need to avoid it. There’ll be food sent over later.”

Qin Yi nodded and even raised his face, yawning lazily. The youth stared at him, his entire face almost distorted due to shock. He opened his mouth and stammered,

- “He, he…”

“He’s an Omega,” Kilia said. “His name is Zhou Yi.”

The youth nodded his head in a daze and then apologized,

- “Sorry, I’ve overspoken. So, it turns out you’ve brought the person in question into your home… uh… already.”

The speed is too fast! Even his family would be shocked! Is this how scary someone can be after being single for so many years and then suddenly releasing his pent-up energy in one go?

Compared to the boss, I’m definitely the little brother! The youth shouted internally.
TL/n: Means that he is not as experienced or is not as skillful, sort of like a little brother because older brothers are born first so they would have more experience.

Kilia: “...? He was already waiting at the door for me when I came back.”


The youth was shocked again. Such a beautiful and rare Omega, furthermore it was an Omega that had such a high matching percentage with the boss, had actually sent himself to the door? Why do these kinds of good things never happen to me???

I’m so sour. There are lemon fruits on the lemon tree, and there is only me under the lemon tree!
TL/n: Used to express envy or jealousy.

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