IM6A Chapter 9.2: Alluring Pheromones

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Kilia glanced at the youth with a weird gaze and decided to just cut off the call. By this time, Qin Yi had already finished brushing his teeth and washing his face.

He looks pretty docile, Kilia thought.

A robot suddenly knocked on the door. “Ms. Kilia, the master is downstairs.”

Kilia paused. “Seems like we can only get breakfast at the dining hall.” He turned and stared at Qin Yi: “How do you feel about walking with me? I can at least protect you. An Omega alone outside would be too dangerous, don’t you think so?”

Qin Yi wasn’t surprised by his suggestion at all. A powerful Alpha like Killa wouldn’t allow an Omega that can attract him so much to become a threat to him. Thus, Kilia would take him along until he could figure out what was going on with him and find an effective solution.
Qin Yi followed Kilia out and asked in a low voice, “If I follow you, will I be able to eat meat?”

What kind of question is this? Kilia stared at him in amusement. “Of course.” Then he couldn’t help but think, did the Zhou family not even give him meat?

Kilia generously said, “Whatever you want to eat, you name it, we have it.”

Qin Yi nodded and asked again, “Clothes…”

Kilia: “This isn’t any troublesome request. After leaving here, I’ll bring you to buy new clothes.”

Qin Yi let out a smile at his words. “Okay.”

Isn’t his meal ticket stable now? It even comes with a free bodyguard that also escorts.

They went down together, and the distance from front to back was more than one meter long. Kilia changed into a dark red dress today, and the style was almost the same as the previous dress, looking as though it had only turned into a dark red color caused by fresh blood soaking the dress.

When Guo Kai saw him, his eyelids twitched, and he averted his eyes. Guo Kai didn’t feel it before, but now that there was a Zhou Yi to compare with, he felt that Guo Kai looked too sharp and had a murderous aura, unlike a woman.

Guo Kai’s gaze wavered.

Never mind.

Since he couldn’t obtain her anyway, why not just quickly kill her using the weapon in his hand… he just needs to continue holding onto Zhou Yi. These thoughts flashed through Guo Kai’s mind, but his face didn’t reveal anything amiss.

He stared at the Omega carefully. After confirming that the youth didn’t even change his clothes, he then let go of his worries and smiled while saying, “I didn’t expect your relationship to be so harmonious.”

He continued saying, “I met Kilia three months ago. During that time, she was very cold and arrogant. She also didn’t bother talking more than necessary when it came to me. Afterward, she helped me kill a person who had sneaked into my Limu Empire.”

“Have you seen her weapon? It’s hidden under her pair of gloves. It’s a sharp blade that can easily slit all the throats and slice off all the flesh of her enemies… isn’t that scary?”

Guo Kai actually also felt a bit timid when he spoke of this.

That’s right.

Kilia was very scary.

But because Kilia had saved him once, he decided to keep this woman by his side in a self-assured and bold manner. However, it was clear that the woman was a white-eyed wolf.

Kilia pinched his fingertips, and he was indeed a little unhappy. Whenever the little Omega caught a whiff of his pheromones, he would begin to retch. Guo Kai added oil and vinegar like this, hm? Does he really want the little Omega to vomit everything out?
TL/n: To tell stories with added content that may not necessarily be true to exaggerate or attract attention.

Guo Kai seemed to be joking when he asked, “You stayed at Kilia’s place to sleep yesterday, weren’t you scared? Or maybe you weren’t willing to sleep at an unfamiliar place alone, but you can actually come to me…”

Kilia rubbed his fingertips. Who do you think you are? You can’t even smell the pheromones on his body. Only Laozi is able to smell it.
TL/n: Arrogant way of saying I.

Guo Kai loosened his neckline. Why does it feel a bit cold today? Did the temperature control system fail?

“I wasn’t afraid. I feel a sense of security when I’m together with Ms. Kilia,” Qin Yi said in a low voice. Kilia chuckled internally. The little Omega really knows how to appease people.

Guo Kai was a little disappointed? Was it because he was too young? Zhou Yi actually couldn’t understand that he and Kilia were now rivals. Only one of them, between the two, can get his favor!

Zhou Yi not only didn’t know how to please him, but he even praised Kilia. He’s really an overly naive child, Guo Kai thought unwillingly.

Qin Yi suddenly smiled and spoke again, “I’ve never seen a blade hidden under gloves before…”

Guo Kai immediately turned and looked at Kilia. “Show it to him.”

Kilia’s eyes squinted, flashing. He didn’t move.

Guo Kai started to feel like he was losing face. He’s the master of this Star! He’s the king! All of the people here, regardless of whether they’re breathing or not, are his subjects! How can there be someone who doesn’t obey him?

He turned his head sullenly. He then saw the Omega youth slowly take a step in front and grab Kilia’s hand.

Kilia is an extremely fierce woman; there is no doubt about it. But Kilia, who was always so fierce to the point where no one could ever touch her, actually allowed the youth to grab her wrist.

Not only that, but a blush also even gradually spread on Kilia’s indifferent face and her body trembled slightly, her gaze firmly fixed on the youth.

Physical touch was much harder to resist than just simply smelling the pheromones. Kilia had to use a lot of willpower to forcibly suppress the urge to tear the youth’s clothes apart right then and there.

Was the little Omega in front of him trying to mess with him again? Or did he… sincerely… want to see his weapon?

Cha! A clear sound rang out.

Sharp blades appeared from the tips of Kilia’s long and slender fingers as they stretched. The blades were black, and a sharp glint flashed from them. It’s the kind of cool beauty that could only be accomplished through the combination of machinery and humans.

I asked her to show it to the little Omega, yet she didn’t move! But when the little Omega grabbed her wrist, she showed it to him immediately! Guo Kai was raging with anger.

He wanted to kill Kilia. This damn Kilia, she actually suppressed an Alpha’s limelight!

However, Kilia didn’t pay any attention to Guo Kai’s reaction. He only focused on staring at Qin Yi.

It was the little Omega who wanted to see it. Will he be scared after seeing it?

Qin Yi stared at the blade. “Well… it would be good for cutting beef steak. I always can’t manage to bite off the ribs section.” He smiled, “I like this journey.”

You see, I’ve even found a chef.

Kilia stared at the smile on his face. Maybe it was because of the alluring pheromones, but he unconsciously licked his gums.

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