OCGC Chapter 1: The Peculiar Omega Patient

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08:00, at the outpatient department of St. Paul’s Private Hospital in California.

A young man about 180cm tall walked into the elevator with slow steps.

He was wearing a black coat, a baseball cap, and a mask along with sunglasses on his face. The young man was completely covered up and looked very mysterious.

After he entered the elevator, he turned to face a corner, reaching out and pressing the button that indicated the fourth floor.

Those pale and slender hands had well-rounded fingertips and his clipped nails were clean and neat. It looked very pleasing to the eye.

On the fourth floor is the department specializing in Omega pheromones.

Dressing up like that, was he a celebrity?

The people in the elevator all shot curious glances over at him. The young man kept his head down throughout the ride. He immediately walked out as a 'ding' chimed and the elevator doors opened, leaving only a lean and tall figure behind for the crowd.

The hospital had turned on their heating. There weren't many patients that came in today.

The young man had brought with him the cold air from the snowstorm that was raging outside. He quickly went to the reception desk and said with a clear voice, "Hello, I am Jiang Shaoyu. I've made an appointment with Dr. Zhou for a follow-up."

The attending doctor at the Omega Pheromone Specialist Department today was a male Omega doctor of Chinese descent, called Zhou Yang. He had graduated with an MD–Ph.D. from the University of California and his research topic was related to the study of ABO pheromones.

While in California Jiang Shaoyu frequently visited him these past few years for his condition, and the two gradually became friends.

The nurse saw the appointment message on his phone and immediately brought him into the doctor's office.

He entered the office and saw Zhou Yang discussing with someone on the phone about a case. After seeing Jiang Shaoyu entering his office, he gestured to the other party for him to sit first and continued talking to the person on the phone.

Jiang Shaoyu took off his coat and hung it on the hanger next to him. He then sat down on the seat that was facing the doctor.

Zhou Yang quickly hung up and raised his head, smiling at him, "Here for another check-up?"

"Mn." Jiang Shaoyu said, taking off his mask and sunglasses, revealing a pair of eyes that was as clear as the stars.

His eyes were really good-looking, but his gaze was cold, and his prominent eyebrows that were slightly raised towards the end made his features look sharp. He looked coldhearted, yet his lips were sexy and full. There was even a distinctive mole at the corner of his lips.

"How is the control of your pheromones like recently?" Zhou Yang asked with concern while rapidly typing away at his keyboard to bring up his medical record.

"Still the same. It isn't very stable." Jiang Shaoyu replied calmly.

Zhou Yang found his medical record and called the nurse in to give him an examination.

The results of the examination came back quickly. Zhou Yang looked at the data on the paper, frowning.

Jiang Shaoyu's pheromone value was still unstable.

Zhou Yang had never seen a case like his even after being a doctor for so many years——he was an Omega, but his pheromones' aggressiveness and suppression were stronger than even an Alpha's.

He still remembered back when he had received Jiang Shaoyu who had lost control for the first time five years ago. His legs had turned weak when subjected to Jiang Shaoyu's pheromones. The other Alphas present had all also collectively fled the scene.

The pheromones of most Omegas would attract Alphas. When Alphas smelled an Omega's pheromones, they would feel that it was extremely sweet and attractive. They can't help but want to get closer to the Omegas and mark them.

But Jiang Shaoyu was different.

This Omega's pheromones would pose a strong aggressiveness deterrence to Alphas and hence when Alphas came face to face with Jiang Shaoyu, they would feel rather flee than get closer to him.

Alphas can't sense how attractive his pheromones are. They would only feel that his pheromones are too tyrannical and overbearing, making them feel that their territory was being violated, causing them to be provoked and feel extremely uncomfortable.

In the end, the hospital's group of specialists concluded their diagnosis: Jiang Shaoyu has a pheromone disorder.

This kind of case was very rarely seen. Due to the glands mutating during differentiation, even if a person differentiated into an Omega, their pheromones would still retain some Alpha characteristics and they would reject an Alpha's approach.

It was very hard for this kind of Omega to be marked even if they entered estrus.

After learning about the diagnosis, Jiang Shaoyu wasn't upset. He simply asked calmly, "Since my glands are mutated, can I have an operation to take it out?"

The doctor looked at him in shock, "Of course not! An Omega's glands are closely related to the entire endocrine system. Your lifespan will be affected if you cut it out and all the hormones in your body will be in complete disorder."

Jiang Shaoyu touched the glands at his nape and whispered, "It's so troublesome."

He was silent for a moment before he looked up and asked, "Are there any treatment methods?"

The professor suggested, "We have thought of two solutions. The first is to use a special short-term inhibitor to control your pheromones. You'll have to inject a shot per day, observe yourself, and make return visits regularly. The second one is to find an Alpha pheromone from our database that matches yours. If you're willing, we can even let him mark you."

Jiang Shaoyu chose the first solution without a second thought.

Although he was more sensitive to pain than most people, he still could tolerate the pain of getting one injection every day.

He had been staying in California for the past few years to receive treatment. The group of specialists had adjusted the treatment plan many times and changed several types of inhibitors for him, and they finally found the one that's most suitable for him now.

Although his pheromones are currently unstable, it would at least not scare away Alphas now.

"Have you had any symptoms of fever or fatigue recently?" Zhou Yang asked while taking notes.

Jiang Shaoyu shook his head, "No, everything's normal."

"That's good." Zhou Yang had the nurse bring in a box of inhibitors and advised him again, "Continue to inject a shot every day according to the previous plan and monitor your pheromone changes. Come to the hospital once a week for a follow-up visit."

"Got it." Jiang Shaoyu would always go for a follow-up visit at the hospital on an empty stomach and without injecting inhibitors as he had to draw blood. Now would be the usual time for him to inject the inhibitors.

He took the medical box from the doctor and opened it up skillfully. He pulled up his left sleeve and picked up a disposable syringe with his right hand, then stabbed the syringe down into his arm with a considerable amount of force.

The tip of the needle pierced his skin and the transparent liquid inside slowly seeped into him. His pale skin and slender arms made him look a little sickly but his posture when injecting himself was very unhesitant. It was clear that he had long been used to it.

After finishing the injection, he swiftly pulled out the tip of the needle and a drop of blood oozed from his pale skin. Jiang Shaoyu stopped the blood with a cotton swab. He then pulled down his sleeve and put on his sunglasses and mask.

He stood up to take his coat.

"Thank you, I'll come back again next week for a follow-up." He said while wearing the coat.

Looking at his thin figure leaving, Zhou Yang couldn't help but feel a little distressed. There were a lot of side effects from injecting inhibitors into the body every day. His digestive and metabolic functions would be quite affected. He had lost a lot of weight recently.

"You're not considering the second solution?" Zhou Yang asked softly.

Jiang Shaoyu stopped walking, "Hm?"

"Find an Alpha that can keep your pheromones under control and have him mark you fully. That way, you won't have to inject inhibitors anymore and your pheromone disorder will also be alleviated."

"Mark me fully? You mean, to let an Alpha knot my body?" Jiang Shaoyu gave a mocking smile.

"I'm afraid I will lose control of my fist and just punch him until his head breaks."

"..." Zhou Yang couldn't laugh or cry. This extremely aggressive Omega was indeed likely to make something like 'beating and getting the Alpha who was supposed to mark him into the hospital' happen.

It was not until Jiang Shaoyu had left that Zhou Yang rubbed his temples in worry.

No one could stand his pheromones. Jiang Shaoyu would be in extreme pain during his estrus every year and would have to inject ten times the usual dose of inhibitors. Only then can he barely keep it under control.

As the doctor in charge of his case, Zhou Yang had seen him at his lowest moments, when he had scratched himself frenziedly while delirious. But once he had regained his mind, the Omega's eyes would always return to being clear and calm.

Although he seemed weak, he had a proud and stubborn character.

In the past five years, he had become so disciplined that it was abnormal. He would get up at 8:30 a.m. on the dot every morning and go for his checkup every Wednesday. As the side effects of his injections affected his digestive and metabolic functions, he had even set strict times for eating and sleeping, just like a pre-programmed robot.

In the eyes of others, such days could seem difficult to endure and monotonous, but Jiang Shaoyu felt at peace.

He lived alone and even raised a small dog. His life was pretty carefree and unrestrained.


It was already 9:30 a.m. when Jiang Shaoyu walked out of the outpatient building.

There was not a single trace of green on the streets and everything looked bleak. It had snowed heavily yesterday, and the moist air seems to be piercing into people's bones. A gust of cold wind blew past and the thick snow on the ground was blown up straight into people's faces.

Jiang Shaoyu frowned as he wrapped the coat around himself tightly and walked to the parking lot in quick steps.

There was a couple next to him who had also just gone out. A pregnant Omega male was walking ahead slowly with the support of an Alpha male.

"Dear, do you think our baby will look like you or me?" The Omega asked, his voice full of joy.

"I hope he'll look like you. He'll be adorable." The Alpha replied softly.

Jiang Shaoyu looked away, his face void of any expressions.

They were both Omegas, but other Omegas could receive the care and love of Alphas, could get marked, and have an unwavering love while he would only scare away Alphas and make them feel disgusted, frightened, and aloof.

Tsk, for him to be single until now, he truly relied on his ability.

The medical term for this sickness was called: Pheromone Disorder.

Jiang Shaoyu had his own name for it: Doomed to a life of loneliness.

This is also pretty good though, Jiang Shaoyu thought. He lived on his own, he could do whatever he wanted to do without being controlled by others and he also didn't have to care about others too.

When the weather gets better, why not drive an RV around and travel?

At this moment, his phone suddenly buzzed and out popped a text message from an unknown number: [Ah Yu, I'm Yu Mingxiang. Is this number yours? Have you not considered returning?]

Jiang Shaoyu was slightly stunned.

Yu Mingxiang was the manager and leader of Team ACE back then, and they stopped contacting each other ever since he retired. For her to suddenly look for him after a few years, was there an issue?

Jiang Shaoyu typed a reply: [Yu-jie, I have no plans to return home for the time being. What's the matter?]

Yu Mingxiang immediately replied: [I recommended you along with the other leaders. We'd like to invite you to return to be a coach.]

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow: [You must be kidding, right? Let me, a retired player, be a coach?]

Yu MIngxiang sent a long string of words: [I'm not kidding. The reason why Team ACE was able to create miracles was all because they had you, their captain. You arranged all their tactics and comps, and you were also the commander in competition matches. You were the player with the most outstanding tactical awareness I've ever seen. I believe you have the ability to hold the position of coach.]

The weather outside was too cold. Jiang Shaoyu walked to his car and opened the car door. He got into the driver's seat and turned on the heater. The warm air circulating in the car made him a little more comfortable.

He took off his hat and mask and rubbed his fingers that were numb from the cold, then picked up his phone to quickly type in a few words and replied: [Stop flattering me. I've long left the Esports scene, and as for tactical awareness, it's all a thing of the past.]

Yu Mingxiang said: [But you've always been paying attention to 《Gun King》, haven't you? I even saw you logging onto the international server using your alt a few days ago.]

Jiang Shaoyu didn't deny it: [I was bored, so I just played around.]

Yu Mingxiang: [After you left, ACE was dissolved and several players didn't have it good. Ye Zi was suspended, Old Lin planned to retire, and Little Chen became a substitute. And there’s Little Pei, do you still remember this apprentice?]

Jiang Shaoyu was silent.

Of course, he remembered.

Yu Mingxiang sent two messages in a row——

[He didn't become a professional player and rejected all the invitations from the big teams.]

[He has always been waiting for you to come back.]

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