RBS Chapter 1.1: Rejecting Confession (1)

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First High School, Q City.

With examinations over, the classroom was lively with chatter as students celebrated their release from exams. Even the rare cold wave today didn’t dampen their spirits and atmosphere in the classroom.

High School Grade 3, Classroom 1.

“Did you manage to solve the third part of the last question in Maths?”

“I didn’t manage to solve it during the exam, but I was working on it just now. Is the answer 2?”

The class monitor and the maths representative were discussing the last question in the paper but they both could not come to a conclusion.

They argued to the point of almost rolling up their sleeves. The maths rep was just about to approach the teacher for answers when a mild and clear voice was heard.

“Square root of two to the power of three quarters.”
The both of them turned their heads quickly and saw a pretty but pale young man looking at the math paper on the table.

“God Yun?!”

“You are back from the Olympiad?”

The commotion here attracted the entire class’ attention. There was a pause before shocked exclamations could be heard, “Welcome back!!”

“How was the Olympiad? Did you get any prizes?”

The youngster was swiftly surrounded by enthusiastic students, crowding the monitor and the maths rep to the wall where they worked on the final calculations for the problem sum.

As expected, it was correct.

“As expected from God Yun!” The monitor was still shocked. “He only needs to take a look one look at the problem sum to know the answer.”

In the crowd, the youngster finally managed to reply to his classmates over their enthusiasm.

He shook his head, “The results haven’t been announced.”

The maths rep immediately said, “You'll still definitely be first even if the results aren't out yet!”


A burst of mocking laughter came from the doorway. It was especially unexpected in this happy atmosphere.

The entire class turned towards the sound and saw a lanky teen with a pointed chin standing by the door with a clear mocking expression on his face.

“Bai Song, why are you here in our class?” The class monitor frowned.

“I heard God Yun is back?”

Bai Song deliberately emphasized ‘God Yun‘ sarcastically and laughed coldly.

“What did he say? ‘Results haven’t been announced?’ I think it’s more likely that he’s placed at the bottom.”

He stared at the youngster directly while saying this, not hiding the malicious expression on his face when the youngster turned to look at him.

After all, this youngster just had a big scandal break out regarding his birth.

To think that he, Bai Song, had called this youngster 'cousin' for so many years.

However, the other party didn’t look embarrassed like Bai Song thought he would.

The pale face of the youngster didn’t move, expressionless like exquisite porcelain, the eyes looking at Bai Song containing no emotion at all.

As if he was looking at a thing… and not a person.

Bai Song frowned, feeling out of sorts by that gaze. He was just about to continue his ridicule when he heard a sound—


The maths rep also imitated Bai Song’s mocking tone, “Tsk, better than you, who can’t even get a placement to take part in the Olympiad?”


The class erupted in laughter and followed up, “That’s right!”

“You…!” Bai Song’s expression turned cold. “Mind your own business. What does this have to do with you?”

“And why are you here in our class?” The class monitor retorted.

The rest of the class was too lazy to argue further and pulled the youngster away, “Let’s go, Xiao Bai.”

“Xiao Bai?” Bai Song raised his voice suddenly, “He has already been chased out of the Bai family, his surname is no longer Bai.”

He stared at the youngster, biting each word out precisely.

“Haven’t you told them this? You’ve already changed your surname—Bo Xiyun!”

The youngster finally had some reaction on his face after hearing his name, his long and curly eyelashes moved slightly.

Bo Xiyun.

His slightly dry lips parted, about to speak, but some of his classmates stood forward and protected him behind them.

“What are you shouting about? It’s been changed, so?” They couldn’t stand Bai Song any longer.

“That’s right, it’s just a surname, does your family have a monarchy for succession?”

And someone shouted, “Close the door!”

The door was closed and Bai Song was left outside. He made a mocking sound.

Let’s see how long your glory lasts.

In the classroom, everyone ignored Bai Song’s arrival and continued surrounding the youngster asking him questions, until the class teacher opened the door and walked in.

“Pass the answer sheets down—yo, Xiyun you are back?”

Howling immediately sounded. No one wanted to check their answers on such a happy day.

Unfortunately, the teacher was unmoved. He passed out answer sheets with a smile while telling Bo Xiyun, “Come, let’s go to the staff room.”

The teachers were mingling in the staff room, presenting another lively atmosphere. The class teacher found a chair and let the youngster take a seat. “I heard from Old Liu that the Olympiad team will be returning today, and there you are. How was it?”

Bo Xiyun thought about it and said, “The difficulty was slightly higher than normal.”

The class teacher smiled, “I heard from Old Liu that this year. The questions were so hard that some students mentally collapsed and you only found it slightly harder than normal?”

The teacher asked a few more questions concerning the Olympiad when he suddenly frowned.

“You don’t look too good, do you feel well?”

Bo Xiyun had pale skin. There had been a trend previously in the school to take polaroid shots and he was always the one who looked over-exposed in the pictures as though he was the only one who was bathed in sunlight.

However, the youngster facing the sunlight now looked too pale. In the stingy winter sunlight, he looked unreal, as if a single touch will cause him to disperse into thin air.

“It was cold today, could be the drop in temperature recently.” Bo Xiyun didn’t feel any different himself. “I’m feeling fine, thank you for your concern.”

There was indeed a rare cold wave today, and the temperature dropped with the northern winds. However, the class teacher didn’t feel like this was the reason.

He had heard about the happenings in the youngster’s home recently.

The class teacher considered his words and finally said, “With the drop in temperature, you should wear more layers. You have just recovered from a high fever last week, take care of your health.”

The youngster nodded his head in agreement. The teacher was still worried and continued.

“If there are any problems you are facing, be sure to let me know. Even during the holidays, my mobile will always be available.”

In the end, the class teacher gave the youngster some candied chestnuts before letting him go back to class.

Once the youngster departed, another teacher sighed in the staff room.

“Ai, he is such a good student, how did he get caught up in this rubbish matter.”

Another teacher who didn’t know the whole story asked curiously, “So the rumor about the Bai family’s real and fake son is true?”

“That’s right, the Bai family found their real son, discovered they have no blood relation to the one at home, and immediately threw his belongings out on the same day.”

“Threw everything out?!”

“It’s understandable for the parents to be angry if they find out that the child they raised had no blood relations with them, but it is too extreme to throw him out immediately!”

“Yeah, this child was still in the capital, B City, taking part in the national olympiad. The Bai family immediately went to B City, wanted him to change his surname, and refused to let his surname be Bai anymore.”

“The poor child fell sick on that day with a high fever of 41 degrees. Old Liu was so upset and worried but the child’s father didn’t even bother to ask anything.”

“Really… even if it’s a cat or dog, after watching them grow up for so many years, there should be some emotional attachment?”

The teachers sighed again.

“Ai, what a cursed affair.”

Bo Xiyun didn’t hear the discussion in the staff room.

But he did see the stack of documents on the class teacher’s table.

They were forms to request the change of name in a student’s particulars.

From Bai Xiyun—

To Bo Xiyun.

Bo Xiyun didn’t feel any emotion about that. In fact, he was more used to the surname Bo instead of Bai.

That was because no one knew, the current Bo Xiyun only came to consciousness after that episode of high fever.

The high fever of 41 degrees caused the newly awakened Bo Xiyun’s awareness to descend into chaos, with muddled and unclear memories. Even sorting out his own identity took quite some time.

The weirdest thing was, he heard a conversation out of thin air.

“That’s it? The recuperation has started?”

“Yes, but he has to continue it himself. Our energy level is not enough for us to monitor what will happen later……”

This stranger’s voice rang in Bo Xiyun’s consciousness and then faded away completely, never to reappear again.

When he finally regained consciousness, he was faced with an unfamiliar world, to the point where he needed to think and contemplate before using the daily tools.

But he was very familiar with his own body.

Even when he looked in the mirror for the first time, Bo Xiyun didn’t feel any shock or unfamiliarity.

A stranger to the world, but not a stranger to his body.

Did he transmigrate to his own self in a parallel universe?

Bo Xiyun didn’t have time to think carefully when he was thrown into the tense atmosphere of the Olympiad competitions.

Fortunately, he was so familiar with this body that he finished the competition successfully.

And on returning to Q City, after seeing the Bai family and the form for the change of name, Bo Xiyun now has more information on his current predicament.

So, the keyword in that conversation—


Could it be that his current goal is to resolve the predicament he’s currently in?

Looks like what he’ll face later will be more than just a forced change in surname.

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