RBS Chapter 1.2: Rejecting Confession (1)

Updated: Nov 30

Lost in his thoughts, Bo Xiyun walked back to the classroom.

Currently, discussions are ongoing in the warm classroom.

“Not only is the Olympiad team returning today, but last year’s Grade 3 cohort’s gold medal winner will also be coming to school too.”

“Grade 3 gold medal? Oh my, is it Young Master Yi?”

“The legendary super handsome God of Studies?! Are we able to see the real person today?”

"Last year, I sneaked into the Grade 3 building to take a look. He’s handsome, just too cold. That’s why no one dared to pursue him……”

“Not only does no one dare to pursue him, but he also seemed to hate gossip too. That’s why there weren’t many people who dared to confess to him.”

“No one dared? Hey, I remember there were rumors recently that someone liked him……”

The voices suddenly merged into a confused jumble, as if someone was trying to stop the conversation in a hurry.

Right at this moment, Bo Xiyun, still lost in his thoughts, pushed open the classroom door without paying attention to the conversation in the classroom.


The sudden silence in the classroom caused Bo Xiyun to lift his head, only to see his classmates who were just chit-chatting staring at him blankly. A weird atmosphere enveloped them.

“What’s the matter?” Bo Xiyun asked nonchalantly.

“Nothing! Nothing!” The maths rep immediately said. “Xiyun, how did you calculate your answer just now? I tried three times and still couldn’t conclude anything.”

With Bo Xiyun’s attention pulled away by the maths rep, everyone sighed in relief and immediately changed the topic of conversation.

“At the end, just combine these two equations.”

Bo Xiyun wrote the steps down and handed the draft paper to the maths rep, who stared intently at the equations before slapping the table suddenly.

“Awesome God Yun, as expected of you!”

“Don’t exaggerate,” Bo Xiyun laughed.

“You’re really just that good,” the maths rep insisted inexplicably.

A girl who had listened in on the small maths lesson also nodded her head, “That’s right, I also feel this way. A lot of people like you.”

Other classmates also started talking, “Right, even if there’s someone who doesn’t like you, it’s not your fault, it’s because they have bad taste!”

“?” Bo Xiyun felt that the topic of conversation had taken a weird turn.

However, he could feel that they were comforting him in good faith so he nodded his head in agreement, although he felt confused by their words and couldn’t fully understand them.

The bell rang not long after and it was time for dinner.

Even though students could only leave the school tomorrow, because of the upcoming holiday, the atmosphere was very relaxed and lively, and someone even managed to get confirmed news from the school department.

“It’s true that a student from the earlier cohort had arrived! Old Gao is personally welcoming him, it looks like there will be a talk for our level in the school hall tonight.”


The students were all excited. As long as there is no class, they will be happy with any other arrangements.

The Grade 3 building immediately got even noisier.

Bo Xiyun followed some classmates who had invited him to go to the school canteen together. Since he wanted to familiarise himself with his surroundings, he accepted and followed them.

After exams, the crowd was more than usual. He had just stepped out of the building and put on his mask when he was separated from his classmates.

He was also suddenly stopped by another student.

“Hey, are you from Grade 3?”

The student was wearing a Grade 2 uniform. The weather was too cold and to protect themselves against influenza, students would normally wear a mask outside the classroom. But Bo Xiyun was sure he didn’t know this student for this student’s face was really foreign to him.

That student asked, “Where’s the school hall?”

Bo Xiyun directed him according to his memories but the student didn’t leave. He looked at his watch and clicked his tongue. “I’m unable to make it, there’s not enough time, help me send this over.”

The Grade 2 student stuffed an envelope into Bo Xiyun’s hands and flashed the card on his lanyard, “I am from the Student Council. Send this itinerary to section 1, you must do it within 10 minutes.”

While giving instructions, he took out his mobile and with a click, took a picture of Bo Xiyun’s name tag on the front of his chest. “Quickly, don’t be late.”

“Remember, give it to the addressee himself!”

The Grade 2 student left after this. Bo Xiyun looked at the envelope in his hands and paused.

The receiver’s name was on it.

The classmates that were separated earlier came back. Bo Xiyun informed them of his sudden errand before making his way to Section 1.

One of the reasons why he decided to help out the student was due to the name on the envelope.

Yi Zhongshen.

If he wasn’t wrong, this should be the alumni that will give a speech in the school hall tonight.

Last year’s top scorer in the college entrance examination.

Not only this, Bo Xiyun felt—-

This name…

Sounded very familiar.


Section 1.

The wide, bright, and airy main intersection of the school was now filled with people, gathering a mass of excited and curious students.

“Young Master Yi!”

“Ahh, God Zhong!”

They were all here for the legendary God of Studies.

Yi Zhongshen’s sudden arrival was not expected, but he had just stepped into the school and was already surrounded by students who had heard rumors.

Even the teacher that was supposed to receive him wasn’t fast enough to reach him before the students.

It wasn’t until the Head Teacher Gao’s arrival that the situation managed to be controlled.

“Okay, okay, calm down! Has everyone gone wild after the examinations?”

The timing was actually a coincidence. On normal days, students would be in class for more than 10 hours, so even if a celebrity made an appearance, there would never be a commotion and it would be hard to get anyone’s attention at all.

But today was the last day of examinations and students were raring to get a change of scenery, so they would naturally leave their classrooms at the first chance.

Thus, even if their class teachers stepped in to control the situation, no one was listening to them.

In the blink of an eye, someone rushed in front of the tall and indifferent young man.


That person was a girl, standing in front of Yi Zhongshen, her ears started to turn red conspicuously.


The students beside them started to whistle, laughing and making a ruckus.

“That’s good, and she still addressed him as a senior!”

The girl’s ears got redder, but she persisted, “Sorry for the interruption, there is something for you.”

She apparently knew about Yi Zhongshen’s character and added, “It’s my friend, she asked me to help pass it to you, she hopes you can accept it, is that okay?”

The student faces all showed understanding, they were sure that this was just an excuse.


The gift was presented and attracted everyone’s attention. Even the Head Teacher was ignored. All eyes were on Yi Zhongshen, curiously anticipating how he would respond.

Yi Zhongshen didn’t show any reaction.

The young man was handsome, but there was an air of indifference and distance that set him wide apart from the crowd, looking like he was in uniform and not the black and white casual clothes. He was wearing a mask in the color of dark grey, with his prominent brow bone casting faint shadows over his eyes under the setting sun, making the handsome contours of his eyes look colder than usual.

There were many people moving about but no one dared come within half a meter of him.

“No.” Yi Zhongshen replied simply, his magnifying voice cold and low. “Thank you.”

Outright rejection.

No room for negotiation.

The girl stiffened noticeably, wanting to say something but looking at the young man’s cold gaze, she ended up not saying anything. She simply nodded stiffly, turned, and ran away.

Everyone looked at Young Master Yi and subconsciously lowered their voices, the surroundings started to become silent.

Until Teacher Liu finally managed to squeeze his way in from the sea of students, together with Head Teacher Gao, wanting to bring Yi Zhongshen to the office.

“Okay, everyone, disperse……”

Teacher Liu didn’t manage to finish his sentence when there was another commotion among the students.

An exceptionally pretty boy softly apologized repeatedly as he made his way into the epicenter.


Teacher Liu was the teacher that was in charge of the Olympiad team and recognized him at once.

“Teacher Liu.”

The youngster greeted him, turned towards Yi Zhongshen, and took out an envelope.

“Sorry for the interruption, there is something for you.”

This familiar sentence immediately caused the surrounding students’ expressions to change subtly.

Another way of sending gifts again?

Bo Xiyun didn’t realize anything was amiss. There were too many students around here and he didn’t know what had just transpired before his arrival.

He continued, “There was a student from the Student Council, who asked me to pass the itinerary to you directly.”

He wanted to leave immediately but when he was speaking, Bo Xiyun felt the other person’s gaze on him.

The young man in front of him was much taller than him. He was looking at him through lowered eyes that were light brown in color, his gaze deep and calm.

Bo Xiyun saw the other party had already reached out, his fingers long and slender but with strength. But when he heard it was on the behalf of another, Yi Zhongshen’s action paused.


Teacher Liu who heard the exchange took the envelope.

He opened it, “Who sent this……”

He didn’t manage to finish his sentence when both he and the Head Teacher Gao beside him were shocked into silence.

The students around them also made small exclamations involuntarily.

Because when the envelope was opened, there was no itinerary plan, just a few clear words.

[Yi: I like you.]

Teacher Liu looked at Bo Xiyun in shock, and more students uniformly looked toward Yi Zhongshen.

Even without looking at him, they knew.

Everyone could guess, no matter facing all the different ways of confession, this legendary God of Studies will show no mercy.

But unexpectedly——

Yi Zhongshen didn’t immediately reject the letter as they had thought.

The young man’s demeanor didn’t change even when looking at the mass of shocked ‘admirers’ surrounding him, his cool gaze steady without waves.

Maybe it was the sunset casting a shadow, but his light cool eyes seemed to look even darker.

“There must have been a mistake……”