Secret Marriage in the Entertainment Industry

Secret Marriage in the Entertainment Industry













Romance, Drama, Modern, Comedy

Chinese Novel


Ongoing, 95 Chapters


Qiao Nai received overnight fame due to her godsent acting skills and beautiful face.

Once, when she walked the red carpet, she managed to be in the same picture as the top celebrity He Siyu, and that godly picture of them together took over the whole internet. 


The whole world was begging for them to be together, even if it was just publishing a false dating rumour, it will do as well.


Qiao Nai only wanted to focus on her career. So, she announced to the whole world,” I have no plans of dating anyone in these three years.” 


This one sentence broke all the fantasies of the “Nai Si” couple fans. 


Later on, Qiao Nai and He Siyu worked together on a movie. 


Even after the last kissing scene was filmed, both of them were still unwilling to let go of each other. 


They were not into the movie but rather their hearts had really moved for each other.


After the film was released, the two won awards at major film festivals.


At night, the tip of He Siyu’s nose was rubbing against Qiao Nai’s earlobe.


 “When are we going public with our relationship?” 


Upon hearing that, Qiao Nai thought about her three year promise. To avoid slapping her own face, she said, “Publicising our relationship will just affect our careers, why don’t we just…...keep it a secret?” 


He Siyu was dissatisfied with the answer. He leaned over to Qiao Nai’s neck and gave her a domineering kiss as revenge for what she said.


 “Fine, let's see how long you can hide our relationship.” 


The next day, Qiao Nai’s strawberry mark was on the hot search. 


The third day, He Siyu published a sweet picture of the two of them. 


The fourth day, He Siyu was interviewed and when he was asked about his ideal type, even details such as the strands of hair he spoke of were all describing Qiao Nai. 


Under He Siyu’s series of secretly sending clues of their relationship , everybody started assuming things about the relationship between the two. 


In which, Qiao Nai will always respond with, “It’s for the sake of promoting the movie.” 


Fans :” The movie was broadcasted half a year ago, the after-sales is still so good?” 


Until a picture of He Siyu and a mysterious girl kissing at a deserted street was posted online. 


He Siyu posted a post on Weibo, clarifying, “I am dating someone, but I still have to wait two years, one month and 8 days before I can officially announce it to the public.” 


Fans calculated that that day will be the last day of Qiao Nai’s three years of no dating. 


Qiao Nai replied below: You might as well just report my ID ! 


Small theatre: 


There was a scene where Qiao Nai needed to take the initiative to kiss He Siyu. However, due to their lack of experience, and that they were not familiar with each other, even after shooting a few times, the shots taken could not pass. 


He Siyu suggested to clear the surroundings to allow the actor to immerse himself in the movie so he could perform like the character.


When there were only two people left in the room, He Siyu whispered near her ear, “Try to write my name in my mouth later.”

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